Let me introduce you to the unique features of the SA628F30 full-duplex digital audio module

By sdga:

SA628F30 is an embedded wireless digital and audio dual-function full-duplex transmission module. Users can not only wirelessly transmit data through the serial port but also wirelessly transmit voice signals through the I2S digital audio or analog audio interface. The module is equipped with a high-speed microcontroller, high-performance RF chip, and power amplifier, and adopts wideband spread spectrum technology, characterized by low power consumption, long distance, and flexible frequency adjustment.


SA618F22 supports multiple concurrent transmission and reception functions, as well as multi-level relay forwarding. This module adopts a highly integrated design, and users only need to connect audio amplifiers, microphones, and speakers to the module to easily achieve remote wireless transmission of digital voice.



The full-duplex audio module has the following notable features:


Simultaneous Bidirectional Transmission: Full-duplex communication allows for simultaneous transmission of information in both directions without the need for waiting slots or alternating transmissions.


8-Channel Full-Duplex Data/Voice Communication: Supports 8-channel full-duplex data or voice communication, enabling simultaneous transmission and reception of 8 channels of data or voice, enhancing communication flexibility and efficiency.


Multi-level Relay, Concurrent Transmission and Reception: Supports multi-level relay function, allowing devices to act as relays in the network, transmitting data or voice signals from one node to another, thereby expanding the network coverage and enhancing communication stability and reliability. Supports concurrent transmission and reception, enabling devices to receive data from other devices while transmitting data. This capability improves communication efficiency and throughput, enabling devices to exchange data more quickly.


Echo Cancellation: Equipped with echo cancellation function, capable of automatically identifying and eliminating echoes that may occur during voice calls. This feature ensures clarity of the call sound, enhancing communication quality and comfort.


I2S Digital Audio + Analog Audio: Equipped with an I2S interface, supports both I2S digital audio and analog audio inputs, providing more flexible audio input options. Whether it is digital audio or analog audio, it can be effectively processed and transmitted.


Simultaneous Transmission from Multiple Devices: Supports multiple devices simultaneously transmitting data or voice signals without restrictions. This capability enhances communication concurrency, allowing multiple devices to send information to the target device simultaneously, thereby improving communication efficiency and response speed.


Multi-level Wireless Mesh Networking: Supports multi-level wireless mesh networking, where multiple relay nodes are connected to form a self-organizing, self-repairing network. This network topology has good stability and scalability, making it suitable for communication requirements in large-scale coverage and complex environments.


Voice and Data Encryption: Equipped with voice and data encryption functionality, capable of encrypting transmitted voice and data to ensure the security and privacy of communication content. This feature effectively prevents unauthorized eavesdropping or tampering of communication content, enhancing communication security.


Long-distance Communication: Supports long-distance communication, enabling stable and reliable data or voice transmission. Suitable for scenarios requiring long-distance communication, such as remote monitoring and remote data acquisition.


Application fields of full-duplex digital audio modules:

Cycling Systems: Full-duplex technology can be used in communication devices for cycling systems, such as intercoms in cycling helmets. Cyclists can simultaneously receive navigation instructions, listen to music, and engage in voice calls, improving communication convenience and safety.


Earpiece Intercoms: Earpiece intercoms are commonly used in scenarios that require frequent communication, such as construction sites and security teams. Full-duplex technology enables real-time bidirectional communication, allowing users to speak and listen to responses simultaneously, thus improving work efficiency and safety.


Conference Call Systems: In conference call systems, full-duplex technology allows participants to speak simultaneously without conflicts, resulting in a more natural and seamless meeting communication experience, enhancing meeting efficiency and participation.


Fire Emergency Communication: In fire emergency communication, full-duplex technology enables rescue personnel to engage in simultaneous voice communication, facilitating timely coordination of actions and enhancing the efficiency and safety of emergency rescue operations.


Subway Communication: Subway systems often require communication between stations and trains to ensure the safe and smooth operation of trains. Full-duplex technology enables bidirectional communication, allowing station staff and train drivers to communicate in real-time, thereby improving the safety and efficiency of subway operations.


Tunnel Communication: Tunnel communication systems need to ensure timely communication between vehicles, equipment, and personnel in the tunnel to ensure the safe operation of the tunnel. Full-duplex technology enables bidirectional communication, enhancing emergency response capabilities and operational efficiency in tunnels.


In summary, the application of full-duplex audio module technology in these areas effectively improves communication efficiency, safety, and convenience, providing reliable solutions for communication needs in various scenarios.

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