Application requirements of the BLE module on small devices

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Bluetooth wireless technology is mainly based on its solution in the application of small equipment. The development of Bluetooth wireless technology has so far covered small equipment used in the industry. Such as: POS card swiping machine, small sensors in parking lots, Bluetooth vibration rods, industrial identifications, electronic sensors, sensors in the courier industry, and so on.


What are the key requirements of Bluetooth wireless technology in small device applications?

The most critical issue of Bluetooth wireless communication technology is to receive sensitivity. Generally, users are within a 100 meter range when using small Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth signals sometimes need to cross multiple walls to communicate. In such an environment, the Bluetooth signal will weaken and cause multiple interference. Therefore The connection between the devices reflects the problem of sensitivity. So how to solve this problem?


The weakening of the Bluetooth signal will directly affect the sensitivity of the device's use of Bluetooth wireless technology. This requires whether the developer uses the Bluetooth signal increase technology. This technology is to add an external antenna to the Bluetooth module to enhance the signal of Bluetooth transmission. The signal transmission range is expanded to 10-120 meters, and the sensitivity of Bluetooth devices is also increased.


The size of general small devices is relatively small, so the size of the BLE module on the small device is also very important. If the size design of the BLE module is large, it will not only affect the size of the entire device, but also affect the other parts of other parts and components. Connect to each other.


Of course, all developers are trying to reduce the volume of their own products as much as possible, but some technologies do not achieve the volume of the BLE module forcibly to reduce the volume of the BLE module, which will only affect the quality of the entire product. The volume of the BLE module product developed by Nicerf is a relatively small size product in the market. The latest technology independently developed. Small equipment.


NiceRF's BLE Module Recommendations

Product modelFeaturesProduct pictures

1. Support Bluetooth mesh networking;

2. Support the coexistence of master and slave roles, which can connect multiple masters and slaves at the same time, up to 20 connections;

3. Support over-the-air upgrade (OTA DFU);

4. Support two connection modes: manual connection and automatic connection;

5. Support custom 16-bit UUID, including one Service uuid and two Characteristic uuid, which can be flexibly configured and compatible with similar BLE products;

6. Passed FCC ID and CE-RED certification;

7. Support low power consumption mode

BLE Module BLE5101

1. Supports BLE master role mode, slave role mode, master-slave integrated mode and Beacon mode at the same time;

2. Support air upgrade;

3. Use button battery to work for up to 10 years;

4. Simple to use, no need for any Bluetooth protocol stack application experience;

5. Support low power consumption mode

BLE Module BLE5201
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