What factors influence the 433M wireless module transmission distance

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After purchasing the 433M wireless module sold by the manufacturer, the customer finds that the transmission distance is shorter than the distance described in the product, which may result in failure to operate normally. I believe that experienced people know that the use distance will be shorter than the product introduction distance. The following article introduces which factors affect the transmission distance of the wireless data transmission module and how to improve the transmission distance?


  1. The transmission distance introduced by the manufacturer's product is a more accurate data tested in an open area with a better environment. Customers buy it and use it with more environmental interference, such as building walls, trees, etc. Ways to increase the transmission distance: When the transmission distance is not long enough, you can choose some places with fewer obstacles to achieve the purpose of increasing the distance.
  2. After the power supply is used for a period of time, the voltage will decrease, resulting in a decrease in the transmission distance. If you want to increase the transmission distance, you can replace a power supply with a large capacitance and a stable voltage.
  3. In order to reduce the transmission time, some people increase the rate of the 433M wireless module, resulting in a reduction in the transmission distance. Therefore, the transmission rate can be lowered when in use, which can increase the transmission distance of the wireless module.
  4. The antenna is one of the factors that affect the transmission distance of the module. A high gain antenna can make the distance transmission longer. In addition, increase the height of the antenna and try to keep the antenna at least 2 meters away from the ground to achieve a better transmission distance.


The above are the factors that affect the transmission distance of the 433M wireless module. The method described above can basically solve the problem of insufficient transmission distance. It should be noted that: When purchasing, you can ask clearly what the actual transmission distance is in a more complex environment. How much, the distance used should be similar to the distance introduced, how to use the distance is 5000 meters, and the module with a transmission distance of 2500 meters was selected when purchasing, this kind of module cannot be used normally.

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