How can the LoRa wireless module penetrate the wall?

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

The LoRa wireless module is a product of the development of the Internet of Things. It has the advantages of low power consumption, long transmission distance, strong signal penetration, and high sensitivity. Now that we have mentioned the strong penetrating power, what is the ability of the LoRa wireless module to penetrate walls, and how many walls can it penetrate? Let's announce its wall penetration capabilities together.

LoRa wireless module adopts LoRa spread spectrum transmission technology. Both the transmission distance and penetration ability are 0.5~0.8 times higher than traditional FSK and GFSK. Therefore, the penetration ability of LoRa wireless module is stronger than that of traditional FSK and GFSK modules. Generally, it can penetrate about 7 or 8 walls, but the ability to penetrate walls is also affected by external factors, such as wall thickness, cement steel material, weather environment, etc. Therefore, how many walls can be worn is not certain, but can only be considered. How many walls can be worn under normal circumstances.

LoRa wireless module LoRa1276F30

LoRa module has the advantages of long communication transmission distance, low cost, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, and strong wall penetration ability. Therefore, it is widely used in remote control, remote meter reading, industrial control, home automation telemetry, toy control, wireless PC peripherals, tag readers and other fields.

In summary, the transmission distance and wall penetration ability of the LoRa wireless module is stronger than that of the traditional FSK and GFSK. However, due to the influence of external factors, some can penetrate 8 blocks and some can penetrate 6 walls. This is the same as that of the module. Factors such as transmit power and wall thickness are all related.

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