Which walkie talkie modules can achieve ultra-long-distance intercom

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

The demand for wireless walkie talkies is also increasing, and many walkie-talkie manufacturers are looking for wireless walkie talkie modules with good quality, affordable prices, and capable of ultra-long-distance talkback, so as to improve their market competitiveness. So which wireless walkie talkie modules can achieve ultra-long-distance intercom?


1. NiceRF wireless walkie talkie module SA818

SA818 is an embedded small volume intercom module, using 1.5ppm TCXO crystal oscillator, stable performance. Able to achieve ultra-long-distance intercom of 4 to 5 kilometers. UHF section 400~480 MHz, VHF section 134~174MHZ, can meet the needs of different users.

walkie talkie module SA818

2. NiceRF wireless embedded full-featured mini walkie talkie module SA828

SA828 is very cost-effective and has the advantages of small size and powerful functions. The module has a transmission distance of 4 to 5 kilometers in an open area. Users only need to connect the power supply, speaker and audio potentiometer to the module, and it can be used as a small walkie-talkie.

walkie talkie module SA828

3. NiceRF wireless long-distance high-power walkie talkie module SA858

SA858 is a long-distance high-power walkie-talkie module developed by NiceRF Wireless, with a full frequency range of 400~480 MHZ, built-in high-speed microcontroller, and a transmission distance of 7~10 kilometers in open areas.

walkie talkie module SA858

The SA818, SA828, and SA858 mentioned above are all wireless intercom modules developed by Shenzhen NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. Enter the official website to learn more about the intercom module information. If you need to buy in bulk, please contact the sales customer service and manufacturer of NiceRF Wireless. Direct sales, preferential prices, and provide technical service support.

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