How does the wireless module perform transparent transmission?

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Wireless module transparent transmission is a data transmission mode that we often come into contact with, and it is also a data transmission mode that is widely used in the market. For example, the SV series of wireless data transmission modules of NiceRF Wireless use wireless transparent transmission. The purpose of this article today is to let everyone know how the wireless module is transparently transmitted, and I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

SV wireless data transmission module series

The official definition means that transparent transmission should be able to be transmitted on the link regardless of the bit combination of the transmitted data. When the bit combination in the transmitted data happens to be exactly the same as a certain piece of control information, appropriate measures must be taken so that the receiver will not mistake such data as some kind of control information. Only in this way can the transmission of the data link layer be guaranteed to be transparent.

To put it simply, transparent transmission means that it is transparent to the outside world during the transmission process, that is, you cannot see that it is the transmission network. No matter what the data is transmitted, I am only responsible for transmitting the data that needs to be transmitted to the destination node, and at the same time guarantee The quality of the transmission is sufficient, without any processing of the transmitted data. For example, if we want to send a courier, we only need to provide the address and the goods to the courier, and then the courier can send your goods to the other party, but you don’t know how many stations, trains, and couriers you pass through, so for For you, the delivery process is transparent. In summary, transparent transmission is a data transmission method that has nothing to do with network media, modulation and demodulation methods, transmission methods, and transmission protocols.

To give another more vivid example: when we use the QQ chat tool, the structure of QQ chat information (the structure includes text content, text color, text font and text size, etc.), when we send from the sender to the receiver At the end, the chat interface of the receiving end will display exactly the same structure of the chat message on the sending end. This is the concept of wireless transparent transmission. The QQ chat tool is only responsible for providing a transmission channel for us to communicate, and the content of the transmission will be exactly the same and sent to the other party.


What is the difference between transparent transmission and non-transparent transmission?

Transparent transmission, no matter what the transmission is, the wireless module equipment used only serves as a channel and transmits the content to be transmitted to the other party exactly. Non-transparent transmission requires re-encoding the transmitted data and then sending it. The receiving end must know the data encoding algorithm to open the correct data.

Seeing this, do you understand what is the transparent transmission of the wireless module? If you still have any questions about this, please feel free to contact our company.

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