Which LoRa module manufacturer is better

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In the field of IoT applications, LoRa technology is very popular. The transmission distance of the LoRa module is relatively far from FSK and GFSK modulation, and it has the advantage of strong anti-interference. In the communications product market where product quality varies from good to bad, how should we choose a suitable LoRa module? Which LoRa module is better in China?


Which LoRa module manufacturer is better?

1. It can be compared from the price, it is too expensive to exceed the budget, it is not appropriate. Conversely, if the price of the LoRa module is too cheap, it is necessary to find out why it is so much cheaper compared to other manufacturers. Is it the material used? According to your own actual situation, choose the manufacturer with reasonable price and good module quality. Choice.

2. It can be judged from the manufacturer's production process and after-sales service. Before deciding to choose the LoRa module, you can go to the manufacturer to inspect on the spot to see how the module is produced. If you can't go personally, you can also find information on the Internet. The after-sales service of a manufacturer reflects the strength of the company. Good after-sales service shows that the manufacturer has the ability to protect the rights and interests of customers. If you choose a manufacturer with good after-sales service, if there is a problem with the LoRa module in the later period, it may be able to solve it well.

3. We can judge whether the manufacturer is good or not from the qualifications of the company/manufacturer. A formal company has a relevant business license, and the production materials used are relatively good, the production process is standardized, and there are professional and sufficient production personnel to ensure that the production can proceed normally. Is also one of the basic conditions to provide a stable supply of goods.


How to choose a suitable LoRa module

Choosing a suitable LoRa module can be considered from the communication transmission distance, how much power is used, the size of the module, the environmental communication status, what main chip is used, and so on. If you need a communication distance of 8km, if the communication distance of the module you choose is only 5km, it is obviously inappropriate, just like the shoes you are wearing do not fit your feet.

NiceRF is a professional LoRa module manufacturer in China. The quality of the modules produced is guaranteed, the batch defect rate is less than five thousandths, the performance is stable, the supply is sufficient, and all modules enjoy a one-year warranty. Lifetime maintenance. In addition, NiceRF has a complete after-sales technical service system, providing users with software and hardware technical support and related sample codes.

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