Can the master station of the rf modem switch channels online

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In order to meet the requirements of some customers to switch channels online, our company has developed a rf modem that can support online switching channels, which provides convenience for the multi-channel online switching required by customers.

rf modem SV6500

How does the rf modem master station switch channels online?

In addition to sending data, receiving data, ground wire, and flow control signals, a control signal line is reserved in the RS232 interface rf modem. When the control signal is negative level, the rf modem is in normal communication state, when it is positive level The radio enters the state of switching channels.

When switching the channel state, the master terminal equipment will send a channel switching command to the rf modem. After the digital radio station receives and parses the command, if the command is correct and executable, it will reply with a "success" response, otherwise reply with a "failure" response. The switch channel command sent by the terminal device of the master station requires the rf modem to switch to a channel with no frequency parameter, and the rf modem will respond with a "failure". When the terminal device of the master station receives the "failure" reply, it will resend the correct switching command, and can also read the relevant parameters to find the cause of the failure. After receiving the "success" response, it will immediately exit the channel switching state and enter the normal data transmission mode. It will be permanently remembered after switching the information command channel, even if the power supply of the radio is interrupted or powered off.

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