Precautions for the use of RF Modem

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In the process of using the RF Modem, it is necessary to understand the use skills, which will help the user to a certain extent. So what aspects should you pay attention to when using a RF Modem? Let's take a look at the precautions for the use of RF Modem!


Precautions for the use of RF Modem

1. Working environment of RF Modem

In some flammable places (such as coal mines) or near explosive dangerous objects (such as detonators for detonation), the RF Modem cannot be operated. It is recommended to choose a suitable DC regulated power supply, which requires strong anti-high frequency interference, small ripple, and sufficient load capacity. It is best to also have functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage protection and lightning protection to ensure the normal operation of the RF Modem. Do not use it in a working environment that exceeds the environmental characteristics of the RF Modem, such as high temperature, humidity, low temperature, strong electromagnetic fields or environments with large dust.


2. Test process of RF Modem

Do not keep the RF Modem in a state of full-load transmission continuously, otherwise it may burn out the transmitter. The ground wire of the RF Modem should be well connected with the ground wire of the external equipment (such as PC, PLC, etc.) and the ground wire of the power supply, otherwise it is easy to burn out the communication interface. Do not plug or unplug the serial port with power on.


When testing the RF Modem, a matching antenna or 50 dummy load must be connected, otherwise the transmitter will be easily damaged. If the antenna is connected, the distance between the human body and the antenna should be more than 2 meters to avoid injury, and do not touch the antenna when transmitting.


3. Communication distance of RF Modem

RF Modems often have different communication distances in different environments, and the communication distance is often affected by temperature, humidity, obstacle density, obstacle volume, and electromagnetic environment. To ensure stable communication, it is recommended to reserve more than 50% of the communication distance margin. If the measured communication distance is not ideal, it is recommended to analyze and improve the communication distance based on the antenna quality and the installation method of the antenna. You can also contact for assistance.


How to install the antenna

Take NiceRF's RF Modem LoRa6500Pro as an example:

The antenna is an important part of the communication system. Its performance directly affects the parameters of the communication system. The antenna impedance required by the module is 50 ohms. The universal antenna has a spring antenna, and can also be used to connect the straight head/elbow/folding rod shape, small suction cup, etc. through SMA. Users can purchase the antenna according to their own application environment. In order to make the module work in the best working condition, it is recommended to use this. The antenna provided by the company.

RF Modem LoRa6500Pro


Tips for antenna:

Don’t close to the ground, metal, magnet, big current.

If you are using the sucker antenna, pull the wire as straight as possible, the sucker foundation should stick with metal.


4. Optional power supply of RF Modem

When selecting a power supply, in addition to keeping 50% of the current margin as recommended, it should be noted that its ripple should not exceed 100mV.

How to choose a power supply for NiceRF's RF Modem:

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