The demand for wireless modules in the robotics industry continues to grow

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In China, robot production technology has gradually matured, and the difficulty of labor, high labor cost, and the need for economic restructuring to further promote the development of robots. Manufacturing, logistics, medical, catering, e-commerce and other industries have widely used robots, and these robot workers have replaced human positions in some fields. The wireless module used in robots, because of the wide application of robots, the demand is increasing.


The development and widespread use of robots

Robots can accept human commands to assist or replace human jobs, such as production, construction, or high-risk jobs. The development of robots in my country in the past ten years has formed more than 100 industrial clusters engaged in robot R&D, design, manufacturing, engineering applications and parts and components. More than 40 listed companies have formed high-end robots in the stock market Technology sector.

According to the "2017-2022 China Robot Market Status Analysis and Investment Prospects Research Report" statistics, the global sales of industrial robots in 2013 was 178,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 12%, and the growth rate hit a record high. In 2013, the total global industrial robot market was approximately 180 billion yuan. In 2014, the global sales of industrial robots reached 229,000 units.


The demand for wireless modules continues to grow

The widespread use of robots in all walks of life has caused the robot manufacturing industry to continuously increase the demand for wireless modules. The market demand tests the ability of wireless module manufacturers to supply wholesale and respond to the needs of different robots, providing simple and reliable Solution capabilities. It is understood that more than 20 countries around the world develop and produce service robots, and commercial products such as Da Vinci robots, Ubisoft Alpha robots, and JIMU robots have been born. Factors such as aging, technological progress and lack of labor will promote the development of robots, and robot products will enter a period of rapid growth.

A variety of factors stimulate the development of the robotics industry, thereby increasing the demand for wireless modules. As a professional wireless module manufacturer in Shenzhen, NiceRF Wireless provides robot manufacturers with a stable source of supply, an experienced R&D team, and advanced technology. Provide users with reliable solutions.

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