Application case of Walkie-talkie module DMR818S Wireless communication helmet for firefighters

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The digital walkie talkie module DMR818S can be integrated into firefighters' wireless communication helmets, enabling wireless communication in firefighting scenarios. This walkie talkie module offers features such as long-distance transmission, high reception sensitivity, independent transmission and reception frequencies, and clear voice quality. It greatly enhances communication efficiency and safety for firefighters in complex environments.


Here are some application examples:

  1. Wireless Helmet Communication Principle

The firefighter's wireless communication helmet consists of the walkie talkie module DMR818S, microphone, earphone, and helmet. The DMR818S allows communication with other devices, such as the on-site command center or other firefighters. The walkie talkie module integrates a wireless audio module to control input and output for the microphone and speaker, enabling dual time slot and long-distance communication.


  1. Applications of Wireless Helmet Communication

During firefighting rescue operations, firefighters need to communicate quickly and accurately with the on-site command center and other firefighters to promptly assess the situation, coordinate actions, and maintain safety. In such environments, traditional wired communication devices often fail to meet the requirements, as the cables can easily tangle or be exposed to fire. Therefore, the use of wireless communication helmets effectively solves these problems.

The walkie talkie module DMR818S is also suitable for applications such as emergency rescue wireless communication modules, police helmet wireless communication modules, individual soldier system wireless communication modules, forest fire prevention and disaster relief helmet walkie talkie modules, safety helmet walkie talkie modules, and residential property security walkie talkie modules.


  1. Advantages of Wireless Communication Helmets

The wireless communication helmets for firefighters utilizing the walkie talkie module DMR818S offer several advantages:

(1) High reliability and stability: The DMR818S employs globally certified radio frequencies such as FCC and CE, ensuring reliable and stable communication.

(2) Strong compatibility: The versatile design of the walkie talkie module DMR818S does not interfere with the use of face masks, visors, or other protective gear, making it compatible with various standard helmet models from different manufacturers.

(3) Low power consumption: With low power consumption technology, the DMR818S can effectively conserve battery usage and extend operating time.

(4) Flexibility: It provides easy and reliable operation without the need for additional communication devices, contributing to improved work efficiency in various scenarios and requirements.

(5) Easy integration: The DMR818S seamlessly integrates with a wide range of audio equipment, facilitating convenient usage and operation while ensuring stability and reliability to prevent accidental errors.

(6) The communication helmets are fully compatible with existing handheld radios (analog/digital) for interactive communication.

(7) Equipped with a dedicated programming cable and programming interface on the helmet, allowing users to program according to their specific needs.

In summary, wireless communication helmets enhance the efficiency and safety of firefighters, enabling more effective rescue operations.



Product Introduction:

The digital walkie talkie module DMR818S features a built-in microcontroller, digital walkie talkie chip, and RF power amplifier circuit. This walkie talkie module is not only compatible with commonly used analog walkie talkie in the market but also has the functionality of a digital walkie talkie. The module provides customers with a standardized serial interface, allowing for easy and quick configuration of parameters such as transmission frequency and contacts through serial commands. With its high integration, users only need to connect audio amplifiers, microphones, speakers, etc., to this module to work as a mini digital walkie talkie.


The digital walkie talkie supports the following functions in DMR mode:

- Message transmission and reception

- Voice encryption and message encryption

- Various voice call types: All call, Group call and Private call

- Reminder for input calling, calling status checking

- Emergency alarm and radio monitor

- Repeater


The analog walkie talkie supports the following functions:

- CTCSS/CDCSS configurable

- Adjustable squelch level


Product Features:

- UHF frequency range: 400-470 MHz  |  VHF frequency range: 134-174 MHz  |  350 frequency range: 320-400 MHz

  (Note: Choose one of the above frequency ranges)

- Long distance of up to 5 kilometers

- High power: 2W (low power: 0.5W)

- High receiving sensitivity: -124dBm

- Low bit error rate down to 1% at -121dBm

- Independent frequency for Tx and Rx

- Analog bandwidth: 5/25 kHz

- Digital bandwidth: 25 kHz

- Built-in EEPROM for data storage in case of power loss

- Equipped with a stable 1ppm TCXO crystal oscillator

- 50 CTCSS

- 166 CDCSS

- 9 adjustable volume

- Message transmission and reception




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