SV610 wireless data transmission module introduction

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen NiceRF Wireless Technology Co.,Ltd. is a technology company focusing on wireless product research and development. The company has developed a variety of wireless front end module sand wireless data transmission modules based on a variety of wireless modules.Today I will introduce a small-sized wireless transparent transmission module SV610. Let's take a look at its introduction:

SV610 is a highly integrated data transmission wireless  module. It provides a standard TTL-level serial port for docking with customer equipment. It integrates Silicon Lab's high-performance RF chip.Its extremely low receiving sensitivity and 100mW output power ensure the communication performance of the module. The module also provides multi-band channels and network IDs to reduce wireless interference during transmission.Users can read or modify the internal parameters of the module through the PC software provided by our company or by sending the corresponding serial commands.Small size and convenient settings make it widely used in industrial control.

As can be seen from the introduction above,the digital transmission module has the characteristics of small size and strong anti-interference ability.

Look at its core parameters :

Parameter Type ValueTyrUnitCondition
TX Current25mA 
RX Current95mA@20dBm
Sleep Current≤5uA 
Parameter Type ValueMinTypMaxUnitSupplement
Frequency Range (Different specifications)414.92433.92453.92MHz@433MHz
Data Rate1.29.6115.2KbpsGFSK
Power Range-1 +20dBmCan  be modified
Receiving sensitivity -121 dBm@1.2Kbps

Here are the current parameters:

From the table above, we can clearly understand the core parameters of the module.

SV610 has a wide range of applications due to its excellent parameters and performance. The following are some typical application scenarios:

  • Wireless remote telemetry
  • Remote meter reading
  • Security system
  • Industrial data collection
  • Home automation telemetry
  • Wireless data communication

This module has two working modes, one is the normal transparent transmission mode, and the other is the configuration mode. When the module is in transparent transmission mode, the module acts as a data conversion channel for wireless and serialports. When the module is in configuration mode, users can modify various parameters of the module.

The user canmodify the parameters of this module through the serial port. In addition, NiceRF Wireless also developed the corresponding upper computer software for the digital transmission module. When the user connects the module to the computer serial port board , the user can use the PC software to configure various parameters of the data transmission module. This makes it easier to modify the parameters of the module.

The above are some introductions of SV610 wireless data transmission module. I hope to help you.


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