Applications of GPS module

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When it comes to the field of GPS module application, it is necessary to understand the function of the GPS module first. The GPS module can generally be positioned, obtain position function, and the timing function, which can obtain accurate time information.


Applications of GPS module

1. GPS module application: Traffic

The GPS module obtains the positioning information by capturing satellite signals and output to the device through serial port for real -time positioning. Transportation is a field with many application positioning functions. It is easy to view for 24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring, trajectory and road conditions.

GPS module application: Traffic


2. GPS module application: Security

The cameras, tracking, law enforcement instruments and other equipment in security monitoring are based on GPS modules. You can choose GPS/Galileo/BDS/GLONASS multi -mode access to improve the accuracy and timeliness of positioning.

GPS module application: Security


3. GPS module application: Agriculture

In the application of agriculture, it is mainly suitable for grazing, measurement, and breeding, and the positioning accuracy of the GPS module can reach the meter level.

GPS module application: Agriculture


4. GPS module application: Internet of Vehicles

The GPS modules are widely and common used in this field, such as: positioning, navigation, anti-theft, information reading, T-BOX, ADAS, driving records, tracking and other applications. The principle of realization is that the GPS module receives satellite signals, obtains positioning information and outputs it to the device through the serial port to realize the needs of navigation, anti -theft, emergency help, rescue, dispatch, and team management and so on.

GPS module application: Internet of Vehicles


5. GPS module application: Power communication

The application of this aspect is mainly the timing function of GPS module, communication base stations, power equipment, etc. to obtain accurate satellite timing for synchronous operation.


6. GPS module application: Judicial field

Based on the positioning function of the GPS module, the personnel location information can be recorded in real time.


7. GPS module application: Wearable devicesfield

Mainly, the low power consumption, high -precision positioning and excellent endurance of the GPS module are applicable to intelligent wearable devices such as outdoor watches.

GPS module application: Wearable devicesfield


8. GPS module application: Navigation products

Suitable for smartphones, tablets, PNDs, and DVRs that use GPS services.

GPS module application: Navigation products


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