Which antenna is better for uart rf module?

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The antenna has a great influence on the communication distance of the uart rf module, so when choosing the antenna of the uart rf module, attention should be paid to whether the antenna type, frequency, impedance, gain, and other factors meet the requirements. Generally, the antennas used in conjunction with uart rf modules include spring antennas, rod antennas, and sucker antennas. So which type of antenna is better?

To choose a suitable antenna for the uart rf module, you can start with the power of the module. Generally, spring antennas and rod antennas can be considered for the general power of 100mW, rod antennas can be used for uart rf modules above 500mW, and sucker antennas for uart rf modules above 2W.

Spring antenna, rod antenna and sucker antenna

Whether it is a spring antenna, a rod antenna, or a sucker antenna, the frequency, impedance, and gain must be considered when purchasing. Because these factors have a great influence on the module, it will affect the communication effect of the module.

Center frequency: The module can set the working frequency in a wide range. When buying, please explain the center frequency of the antenna with the manufacturer to ensure that the frequency of the purchased antenna meets the requirements.

Antenna Gain: The gain of a sucker antenna is higher than that of a spring antenna or a rod antenna. In a communication system, the strength of the gain will interfere with the antenna's ability to radiate or receive wireless signals. Under the same conditions, the higher the gain, the wireless signal will propagate. The further the distance.

Impedance: The impedance of the antenna is generally 50Ω.


The GFSK series uart rf module of Shenzhen NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. has a variety of powers such as 100mW, 500mW, 2W, 3W, and 5W.

100mW uart rf module models: SV610, SV611, SV612, SV613, SV614; spring antennas, rod antennas are recommended.

500mW uart rf module models: SV650, SV651, SV652, SV653, SV654; it is recommended to use a rod antenna.

The models of 2W, 3W, and 5W uart rf modules are SV6202, SV6300, SV6500; it is recommended to use a sucker antenna.

When choosing an antenna, you can choose a suitable antenna according to the application environment and cost. It does not mean that sucker antennas are necessarily better than spring antennas and rod antennas. According to the power of the module, project application environment, cost, various parameters, and other considerations, a suitable antenna is the best antenna.

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