What is the difference between dual-antenna design walkie-talkie module SA618F30-DZ and SA618F30

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SA618F30-DZ and SA618F30 are a high cost-effective, highly integrated, high-power full-duplex Walkie-talkie module. These modules are equipped with a high-speed microcontroller, codec, high-performance RF transceiver chip, and RF power amplifier, and provide a standard serial port for module communication. This enables the easy and quick configuration of module parameters and control over its transmission and reception functions. Users only need to connect audio amplifiers, microphones, and speakers to this module, and it can function as a small-sized intercom. Its simplified interface and extremely compact size allow for widespread applications and convenient integration into various handheld devices, enhancing the comprehensive performance of end products. These modules can be utilized in places such as full-duplex headset-style intercoms and handheld intercoms, including scenarios like working at heights or property security.headset intercoms and handheld intercoms can be evaluated in application areas, such as aerial work, voice security and other applications.


Walkie-talkie module

The similarities between the Walkie-talkie module SA618F30-DZ and SA618F30:

  • Frequency Range: 410-490 MHz (Customizable to 150-960MHz)
  • Up to 8 devices can transmit simultaneously (Unlimited for receiving)
  • Supports echo cancellation function
  • Push-to-talk and VOX dual intercom modes
  • Multi-level wireless relay
  • I2S digital audio + Analog audio
  • Line In + Mic input
  • Supports data transmission
  • Low-power consumption during sleep
  • Supports OTA and serial port upgrades
  • Open field transmission distance is 3-4 kilometers
  • High receiver sensitivity: -117 dBm


Differences between SA618F30-DZ and SA618F30

The major difference between SA618F30-DZ and SA618F30 is that SA618F30-DZ adopts the concept of a dual-antenna design. SA618F30-DZ builds upon the SA618F30 module by separating the transmitting and receiving antennas. Simultaneously, it exposes the TXEN pin externally, making it more convenient for customers to add an external RF power amplifier to increase the transmission power and thereby extend the communication range


Ø SA618F30-DZ internal block diagram




Ø SA618F30 internal block diagram




To facilitate users in comprehensively understanding the performance of the SA618F30-DZ module, we conducted tests to analyze the relationship between module power and current at different voltages, as well as the relationship between power and current among different power levels under the same voltage.


  • The relationship between module power and current at different operating voltages(@433MHz)


Walkie-talkie module


  • The relationship between different power levels and current under the same voltage(@4.0v @433MHz)


Walkie-talkie module

SA618F30-DZ module size

module size


SA618F30-DZ is a highly integrated, small size 1W high power full-duplex Walkie-talkie module. Its biggest feature is that the transmitting antenna and receiving antenna are separated, making it convenient for customers to add an additional radio frequency power amplifier. The SA618F30-DZ Walkie-talkie module supports 8 devices transmitting at the same time (receiving is not limited), and supports I2S digital audio + analog audio input. In addition, NiceRF provides differentiated customized services, and manufacturers are welcome to inquire.


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