Introducing Our Latest Product: The Full-Duplex SA618F30 1W Long-Range Wireless Audio Transmission Module

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

The SA628F30 is a 1W long-range, full-duplex audio transmission module. Integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative design, it possesses the following distinctive features, meeting your stringent requirements for audio transmission:


Extended Transmission Capability: With a 1W power output, the SA618F30 offers expansive signal coverage, facilitating long-distance audio transmission, and maintaining stable communication links both indoors and outdoors.


Voice & Data Encryption: The SA618F30 boasts advanced voice and data encryption capabilities, safeguarding communication content and ensuring confidentiality – a critical feature for the secure transmission of sensitive data.


Multi-level Wireless Mesh Networking: The module features multi-level wireless mesh networking, automatically establishing and optimizing network topology, resulting in broader communication coverage and enhanced network resilience.


OTA, UART, and Serial Upgrades: The SA628F30 supports a myriad of upgrade methods, including OTA (Over-the-Air) upgrades, UART, and serial upgrades, allowing users to flexibly select based on their needs and ensure their product remains at the pinnacle of performance and features.


I2S Interface: Equipped with an I2S interface, the SA618F30 facilitates efficient conversion between I2S data and analog audio, providing users with a broader range of audio application choices and flexibility.


Multi-device Concurrent Transmission: The SA618F30 is capable of concurrent transmission across multiple devices, with unrestricted reception, offering a more efficient audio transmission and broadcasting solution.


The SA618F30, a product of NiceRF, is a high-value, highly integrated solution boasting exceptional transmission distance. With its outstanding performance and innovative features, it promises a superior audio transmission experience. Whether for audio broadcasting, conference systems, or wireless audio transmission applications, the SA628F30 is undoubtedly your trusted choice!

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