High Compatibility Multi-Node Synchronization and Expansion Support - IOT-G010 Achieves Precise Data Collection and Transmission

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The ultra-low power sensor monitoring star network system is mainly used for sensor data acquisition and control of the Internet of Things. The whole network system is composed of gateway IOT-G010 and node IOT-N010/ IOT-THS010, which uses a wireless star network combined with Mesh networking. A good coordination mechanism and precise scheduling algorithm are used internally between the node and the gateway to avoid collisions between data packets in the air. The communication protocol between the node and the gateway has been implemented by the system, and customers can build a reliable acquisition and control network as long as they follow a simple configuration.

What is IoT Data Collection Gateway?

The application system that utilizes a wireless module and sensors to collect data from external sources and input it into the system for data statistics. Its working principle involves automatically collecting non-electrical or electrical signals from wireless modules, sensors, and other analog and digital measurement units, and sending them to a computer system for analysis and processing. Data collection is developed as an application system to measure physical phenomena such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. It is based on hardware like wireless modules and sensors, combined with application software and computers, to measure various physical phenomena.



The Features of IoT Sensor Data Collection Gateway

Ultra-Low Power Consumption for Nodes: Designed with ultra-low power consumption to effectively extend battery life, making it suitable for long-term operation, especially for battery-powered devices.

Multi-Point Data Collection: A single gateway can support up to 255 nodes, meeting the needs of large-scale data collection and is ideal for applications requiring simultaneous monitoring of multiple sensors.

Multi-Level Data Collision Avoidance Mechanism: Equipped with a multi-level data collision avoidance mechanism to ensure the reliability and integrity of data transmission when multiple nodes are transmitting data simultaneously.

Over-the-Air Wake-Up and Wake-Up of Subordinate Devices: Supports remote wake-up functionality, allowing devices to enter sleep mode when not in use, thereby effectively reducing power consumption and extending the device's lifespan.

Multiple Crash Prevention Mechanisms: Built-in multiple crash prevention mechanisms ensure long-term stable operation of the device, maintaining high reliability even in complex environments.

Automatic Re-transmission Mechanism: Equipped with an automatic re-transmission mechanism, ensuring that if data loss occurs during transmission, it can be automatically resent, thereby improving the reliability of data transmission.

Multi-Node Time Synchronization: IOT-G010 has powerful time synchronization capabilities, ensuring time consistency across all nodes in the network.

Gateway and Node Time Synchronization: IOT-G010 uses efficient synchronization algorithms to ensure consistent time synchronization between the gateway and all connected nodes.


Multi-Sensor Support: IOT-G010 supports various types of sensors, including but not limited to temperature, humidity, pressure, light, motion, and gas detection. Its robust compatibility and scalability allow it to be widely used in various IoT scenarios, such as smart cities, smart homes, environmental monitoring, and industrial automation. Users can flexibly configure and add different types of sensors based on specific needs.

Quickly customize various functions: The IOT-G010 supports rapid customization, allowing for functional adjustments and optimizations according to different application scenarios. Whether it is data collection frequency, transmission methods, power management, or security strategies, users can flexibly configure these settings through a user-friendly configuration interface or command-line interface.

Data Packet Length: Due to the physical limitations of the wireless chip, the maximum length of a single data packet is 120 bytes. If the customer's data length exceeds 120 bytes, the customer 

needs to divide the data into smaller packets for transmission.

Rate Selection: The system supports wireless rates from 1200bps to 500Kbps. The selection of the rate requires a balance between power consumption and distance based on the actual application. Choosing a lower rate can achieve longer distances, but it will increase the transmission time, which in turn increases power consumption.


The Functions of IoT Sensor Data Collection Gateway

Data Collection: Collects data from various sensors and devices within the network.

Data Transmission: The IOT-G010 gateway is equipped with multiple data transmission interfaces, such as serial ports, Ethernet, and wireless communication. It can transmit the collected data to a central system or cloud service through these interfaces.

Network Management: The IOT-G010 has robust network management capabilities, effectively managing and maintaining the entire network.

Topology: It supports star network architecture and multi-level automatic relay functions, ensuring stable communication and data transmission between nodes.

Firmware Management: The gateway supports local and remote firmware updates and maintenance, allowing users to upgrade firmware via serial port or OTA (Over-The-Air).

Parameter Configuration: The IOT-G010 allows users to flexibly configure and adjust operating parameters to meet the real-time needs of different application scenarios.

Security: Uses AES-128 encryption technology during data transmission to effectively prevent data theft or tampering.

Easy Expansion of Interfaces: The IOT-G010 supports multiple interfaces to ensure compatibility with various devices and sensors. It has reserved interfaces such as SPI, I2C, and GPIO, providing great expand ability.


The Operating Modes of IoT Sensor Data Collection Gateway

Using different commands, the gateway can enter the configuration mode. In this mode, it can set its own parameters and those of the corresponding nodes. After the command is sent, it will automatically enter the normal operation mode.

The Data Output Options for IoT Sensor Data Collection Gateway

The gateway has two data output options: USB output and Ethernet output. You can switch those two option by using the button.

Red light double flash indicates that the serial port is switched to the Ethernet module and outputs data through the RJ45 interface.

Blue light double flash indicates that the serial port is switched to the USB-to-serial chip and outputs data through the USB interface.

The IOT-G010 IoT sensor data collection gateway from NiceRF company, with its powerful features, reliable performance, and flexible expand-ability, meets various IoT applications needs. It is a comprehensive and high-performance IoT sensor data collection gateway that provides users with efficient and reliable IoT solutions.

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