Application and development prospects of wireless module in intelligent agricultural irrigation

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Watering in traditional agricultural production is done entirely based on farmers’ feelings and experience. Nowadays, through the communication technology of the Internet of Things, wireless modules are used to automatically control farmland irrigation, which can reduce water consumption and improve irrigation water utilization. Make agricultural production more convenient, effectively reduce costs and increase yields.

In the past, factors such as soil temperature and humidity, soil fertility, air temperature and humidity, and light conditions were used to determine the irrigation time, water consumption, and water area through personnel surveying. Obtaining this information only manually cannot achieve real-time monitoring and requires a lot of manpower. Material resources, the comprehensive development and application of modern network technology in the agricultural field has become a trend.

intelligent agricultural irrigation

Application in smart agriculture: The LoRa module realizes the interconnection of agricultural nodes. The characteristics of low power consumption, low cost, long transmission distance, and no communication cost make the LoRa wireless module a reality in the large-scale application of agricultural production. In the monitoring of water quality, carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and humidity, the collected equipment information can be transmitted to the control dispatch center through the wireless module, and measures such as automatic irrigation and automatic spraying can be carried out based on real-time data analysis.

At present, there are already many intelligent agricultural irrigation systems based on wireless modules in China. This system involves a variety of high-tech technologies such as sensor technology, automatic control technology, computer technology, and wireless communication technology. The transition from traditional labor-intensive to technology-intensive has laid an important foundation.

The development prospect of wireless module in intelligent agricultural irrigation

The intelligent agricultural irrigation system based on wireless module communication technology can optimize the water consumption according to the types of plants and soil, the amount of light, and can also monitor the moisture of the soil after the rain. According to the research reality, compared with traditional irrigation systems, the cost of smart agricultural irrigation systems is about the same, but water can be saved by 16% to 30%.

my country advocates environmental protection and water conservation. Because of this, modern scientific and technological means such as sensor technology and communication technology will be used in my country and the world to achieve the purpose of reducing labor costs, improving production efficiency, and saving water and fertilizer resources. In these modern communication technologies, the wireless module occupies an important position, so it has a very broad prospect for the development of intelligent agricultural irrigation.

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