What is a wireless transceiver module and its application

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Many people are not familiar with wireless transceiver modules, so I often see some friends asking questions in Baidu Know, electronic forums and other places: What is a wireless transceiver module, and in which areas? The following is for the wireless module developed and produced by NiceRF Wireless , For everyone to give an explanation.

wireless transceiver module RF4432PRO

What is a wireless transceiver module?

The wireless transceiver module RF4463F30 is developed and produced by Siwei Wireless, using Silicon Lab Si4432 devices, which is a highly integrated wireless ISM frequency band transceiver chip. The sensitivity of this product is as high as -121dBm, and the maximum output power is 20dBm to ensure extended range and improved link performance. The built-in antenna diversity and frame skipping support can further expand the range and improve performance.


What are the main applications of wireless transceiver modules?

Mainly used in remote meter reading, wireless industrial control, wireless LED display, because the product itself has the advantages of high sensitivity, high cost performance, convenient installation and maintenance, and low power consumption, so that wireless transceiver modules are also used in smart homes.

The above is the main application areas of wireless transceiver modules.NiceRF Wireless is a company specializing in the research and development of wireless communication modules and providing Internet of Things solutions. It has many years of research and development experience in the field of industrial-grade wireless transceiver modules and provides customers with high-quality products. and service.

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