What is the RSSI function of LoRa module

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Many customers will ask us a question when purchasing our SX1276 LoRa module LoRa1276-C1, what is the RSSI function? What are the LoRa modules with RSSI function? Here, NiceRF explains what the RSSI function is.

SX1276 LoRa module LoRa1276-C1

What is the RSSI function

The RSSI function refers to the indication of signal strength, an optional part of the wireless transmission layer, used to determine the link quality and whether to increase the broadcast transmission strength. In short, the RSSI function is used to judge the strength of the wireless signal. The biggest advantage of the wireless module with RSSI function is that it can read the wireless signal strength in the environment and determine whether the channel is occupied. If so, select another channel, if not, enter that channel. However, chip manufacturers do not recommend using the RSSI function, because the RSSI value determines that the channel is idle, and the result may be inaccurate under the LoRa modulation technology. Therefore, the channel idle detection under LoRa modulation can be replaced by CAD.


So what are the LoRa modules with RSSI function?

All of our LoRa modules series have RSSI function, so this function will not be marked on the product specification. In addition, except for ASK module series and wireless switch module series, our company does not have RSSI function, all other products have this function, please rest assured to use.


About SX1276 LoRa module LoRa1276-C1

LoRa1276-C1 integrates Semtech RF transceiver chip SX1276.

The compact size and 100mW output power are widely used in wireless meter reading, remote industrial control and other industries.

LoRa1276-C1-868 have obtained CE-REDcertification. LoRa1276-C1-915 have obtained FCC ID and IC ID certification.


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FCC & IC Certified 915MHz SPI Port SX1276 LoRa Module LoRa1276-C1

868MHz 100mW CE-RED Certified Long Range LoRa Module LoRa1276-C1

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