The smaller the wireless transceiver module, the better?The longer the transmission distance, the better?

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

When some users consult about purchasing modules, they often ask how big the wireless transceiver module is and how far the transmission distance is. In the fiercely competitive wireless module market, it is not easy to choose good quality modules and good after-sales service module manufacturers. I need to remind everyone here that the smaller the size of the module, the better, and the longer the transmission distance, the better. This is based on the actual situation.

Is the size of the wireless transceiver module really as small as possible?

The size of the module is not as small as possible. It is not wise to blindly pursue a small size, because some modules are very small, but their power and transmission distance cannot meet the requirements of the project. Generally speaking, the smaller the volume, the lower the power, so the transmission distance is not that far. Consumers should combine the transmission distance that needs to be achieved in the actual project application. If the transmission distance, power, etc. are all in line, the smaller the volume, the better.


Is the transmission distance of the wireless transceiver module as far as possible?

Customers who often buy modules know that the transmission distance of a wireless transceiver module is not as far as possible. In general, the farther the module is, the greater the power and the larger the volume. It is not advisable to blindly pursue long-distance communication. Because in the actual project application, we have to consider many issues, such as stable communication, no bit error, no frequency deviation, suitable transmission distance, etc.

In addition, it is also necessary to consider whether the cost budget of the project is within the scope of allocation. For example, in a project such as a dog training device, assuming that the communication distance of the product needs to reach about 300 meters, then, in terms of cost-saving, there is no need to choose a high-power wireless transceiver module with a transmission distance of 8000 meters.
What kind of wireless transceiver module to choose depends on the needs of the user’s own project. The so-called size is short and the inch is long. Whether the module is large or small, it has its own advantages; the module has a long communication transmission distance. There are always benefits of being far away and some benefits of being closer.

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