What is the difference between the LoRa1280 and other 2.4 GHz modules

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

The LoRa1280 module is a 2.4 GHz module that our company focuses on. No matter its popularity in the market or customer feedback after use, it has achieved a good response. Many customers often ask us a question when buying our LoRa1280 module. What is the difference between it and other 2.4 GHz modules?

Before answering this question, let’s briefly introduce the LoRa1280 module. It is a long-distance 2.4 GHz high-performance IoT wireless transceiver module. It integrates Semtech’s high-performance radio frequency chip SX1280/1281. The module uses LoRa modulation. , Has a very high receiving sensitivity. LoRa1280 integrates the "time of flight" function, which can realize the wireless ranging function.

In fact, in this brief introduction, I have already answered what is the difference between the LoRa1280 module and other 2.4 GHz modules: one is the long-distance transmission of LoRa1280, and the other is that it has a ranging function. For specific details, let me come together.

Long-distance transmission

As we all know, the common problems of 2.4 GHz modules are low sensitivity and short transmission distance. This is one of the reasons why 2.4 GHz modules are criticized in the market. But our LoRa1280 module can perfectly solve this problem. According to the measured transmission distance of our engineers on Shenzhen National Highway 107, it is 1.7km.

2.4 GHz module LoRa1280 transmission distance test

Maybe you don’t have a very direct idea of this transmission distance. Next, I will make a comparison table of transmission distances between our other 2.4 GHz modules and LoRa1280 modules:

ModuleTransmission distance

Except for the other 2.4 GHz modules of our company, the transmission distance of the other 2.4 GHz modules on the market is about a few hundred meters or even shorter. No 2.4 GHz module can transmit as far as 1.7km, so It can be seen the superiority of LoRa1280 in terms of transmission distance performance.

Ranging function

In the introduction of the LoRa1280 module, it is said that LoRa1280 integrates the "time of flight" function, which can realize the function of wireless distance measurement. The translation of "time of flight" in Chinese means: flight time. The working principle is based on the transmission time of the data packet. The chip determines the distance based on this time. This is the ranging function of LoRa1280. This is also a function that other 2.4 GHz modules do not have. (Our company only has the LoRa1280 module with ranging function) For the specific ranging method of LoRa1280, please refer to "LoRa module LoRa1280 field measurement".

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