Development prospects of wireless modules for the Internet of Things

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

Regarding the development prospects of wireless modules, experts in the Internet of Things industry believe that wireless communication modules will move towards the development trend of intelligence, and with the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, smart homes will enter every household. As an important component of the smart home, the demand for wireless modules will continue to soar.

Smart lighting control, smart background music, security monitoring systems, smart irrigation systems, etc., these types of smart home products will continue to increase, and on the one hand, it may cause module prices to continue to fall. On the other hand, with the diversified development of the Internet of Things to meet people’s functional requirements for different devices, wireless transceiver modules and wireless data transmission modules for the Internet of Things will develop towards miniaturization and integration, and more Chips and functions will be integrated into the IoT module.

For example, POS machines are required to support multiple payment methods such as fingerprints and handwritten signatures. This requires products with an operating system, as well as rearview mirrors and car machines in in-car entertainment products that also require an operating system. Therefore, many solution providers have directly adopted mobile phone or tablet solutions to design products, which also puts forward new requirements for wireless module manufacturers.

Future application scenarios will be more complicated, and long-distance wireless modules and short-distance communications may be combined. For example: UAVs mostly use short-range wireless such as WIFI, and relatively few use long-range wireless solutions, but in theory, long-range large wireless is very suitable for products such as UAVs because the distance is not limited. It is understood that some companies plan to launch related program products in the future.

The emergence of some emerging industries has lower and lower power consumption requirements for wireless modules. The demand for charging piles for electric vehicles in my country will increase, and it is expected that the demand will exceed 5 million by 2020. The charging pile will require a hybrid networking concept of large wireless plus small wireless. Different operators will formulate standards according to the response mode, including module embedding, dual card dual standby, and wireless plus wired solutions.

This means that the development prospects of the wireless module market are relatively good. As the technology becomes more mature and the promotion is greatly increased, more people will experience the convenient and comfortable life brought by smart homes, as an important component of smart products-wireless modules , Its development prospects will be bright.

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