How to choose the interface of the rf module

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We have a basic understanding of rf modules and rf modems, and we also have a general direction when choosing. There is another problem that needs to be paid attention to here, that is, the interface. So which interface rf module (rf modem) to choose is better?
There are two kinds of interfaces of rf module (rf modem), serial interface and parallel interface. There are two types of serial interfaces, one is SPI interface and the other is standard asynchronous serial interface.


1. Serial interface of rf module

Serial interface is divided into SPI interface and asynchronous serial interface. The most convenient interface for users is asynchronous serial interface. The output level of this interface is: TTL, 232, 485, so developers who have done serial communication generally choose to use rf modules of this type of interface.

Asynchronous serial interface: The price is slightly higher. Compared with the wireless module of the same rate, the same power, that is, the same distance, the price is higher than that of the SPI interface module, but the advantage is that it is more trouble-free.

SPI interface: In a sense, it is a semi-finished module. This module is small in size and easy to be embedded in the system. The price is relatively cheap and the speed is high.


2. Parallel interface of rf module

In a sense, it is also a semi-finished module, because it only has the hardware of the rf module. It's the finished product. When we use this kind of module, we need to operate the RF chip inside, such as initialization, data processing, etc. It's not that this rf module is not easy to use, it's just that it's not very convenient, and the rf module of this interface has a price advantage.

Through the detailed introduction of the rf module (rf modem) interface above, I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of the interface of the rf module. The question of which interface rf module to choose should be weighed according to its actual situation, development cycle, expenditure budget, etc. .

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