What is 2.4 GHz RF module and its application

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2.4 GHz RF modules are widely used in our life, so its use is getting more and more attention. So what is a 2.4 GHz RF module, and what fields is this module mainly used in?


What is 2.4 GHz RF module

The 2.4 GHz RF module Beacon128 has a working frequency in the range of 2400-2484MHz and can communicate through scanning protocols. The air rate is up to 1Mbps, and the output power is up to +4dBm. The module has the advantages of low power consumption and high cost performance. Common 2.4 GHz RF modules on the market are: RF2401, RF2401F20, RF2401PRO, Beacon128, Beacon600, users can choose various types of wireless modules with a transmission distance of 50 to 500 meters based on cost considerations.

2.4 GHz RF module Beacon128


What are the applications of 2.4 GHz RF module

2.4 GHz RF module is widely used in wireless health sports products, wireless mouse and keyboard, product information push, wireless remote sensing, wireless ranging system, alarm security system, smart home, toy control, tire pressure monitoring and other fields.

NiceRF specializes in the production of industrial-grade wireless communication modules. The company has strong technical strength and strict quality requirements, and its products are exported to overseas markets. In the wireless electronic fence solution, the sports camera wireless remote control solution, the wireless meter reading application solution, etc., it has won the recognition of a large number of customers.

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