Characteristics of LoRa Module in the Internet of Things Market

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The Internet of Things is fully developed in the fields of smart industry, smart home, electronic products, etc., making the wireless connection technology of short-range communication gradually develop in the direction of longer distance and wider coverage. LoRa, as a wireless technology of low-power wide area network, is It has significant advantages in interference, which solves the problem of not being able to balance distance, anti-interference and power consumption at the same time. As the darling of the Internet of Things market, the LoRa module is widely used in long-distance communication scenarios. The following is an analysis of the characteristics of the LoRa module, and why are so many fields applied to it?

LoRa Module LoRa610Pro


  1. Ultra-low power consumption

The LoRa module solves the long-standing dilemma of wireless applications, that is, designers can only choose one between longer distance and lower power consumption. After using the LoRa module, you can now do both, to the greatest extent Realize longer-distance communication and ultra-low power consumption.

  1. Long transmission distance

The wireless transmission distance is determined by the sensitivity of the receiver and the output power of the transmitter. Under the premise of standard specifications, the lower the rate, the higher the receiving sensitivity and the longer the transmission distance. At present, the transmission distance of LoRa products on the domestic market can reach about 3~10 kilometers.

  1. High sensitivity

LoRa's modulation technology performs unique spectrum broadening processing on the signal. Under the same data rate condition, its spread-spectrum modulation method can obtain a sensitivity that is 8-10dB higher than that of the traditional FSK modulation method. The improvement of receiving sensitivity can be applied to the occasions of long-distance transmission and high reliability requirements.

  1. Extremely strong anti-interference ability

Compared with the traditional FSK modulation technology, the LoRa module has extremely strong anti-interference ability, excellent spread spectrum modulation and forward error correction technology, and can even distinguish and extract data from noise, ensuring excellent anti-interference characteristics The data transmission is safer and more reliable.


The low power consumption, long distance, high sensitivity, and strong anti-interference ability listed above are the basic characteristics of LoRa wireless modules. The price of LoRa modules is close to the people. In the next few years, the LoRa module will shine in the development of the Internet of Things and long-distance scene applications.

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