Introduction of uart rf module SV-MESH series

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NiceRF is a technology company focusing on the research and development of wireless products. The company has developed a variety of front end wireless modules and uart rf module based on a variety of wireless modules. Today, NiceRF want to introduce a uart rf module that supports mesh networking.

uart rf module SV-MESH series


What is a mesh network

Wireless mesh network is a completely different network from the traditional wireless network. Mesh ad hoc network does not rely on the pre-set infrastructure. It has the characteristics of temporary networking, rapid deployment, no controlcenter, and strong survivability. In traditional wireless access technology, point-to-point or point to multipoint topology is mainly used. Generally, thereis a central node in this topology. The central node is connected with eachwireless terminal through a single hop wireless link to control the access of each wireless terminal to the wireless network. At the same time, it is connectedwith the wired backbone network through the wired link to provide the connection to the backbone network. In wireless mesh network, mesh topology isa multi-point to multi-point network topology. In this mesh network structure, each network node is connected by other neighboring network nodes in the way of wireless multi hop to realize self-organization and self connection of the network.

It can be seen that mesh network has many advantages, such as free and flexible, simple access and so on.


Introduction of uart rf module SV-MESH series

SV-MESH series are ultra long distance MESH network uart rf modules, which adopts the high performance Silicon Labs Chips. They have NODE and ROUTER working modes, can be as repeaters automatically. It is easy to build network without blind area or distance limitation. To avoid the interference, SV-MESH provides 40 frequency channels and configurable Net ID. SV-MESH is flexible but easy to use , it comes with many parameters, such as: frequency, data rate, output power, Net ID, Node ID. Users can configure the parameters through PC or customer’s own device.

SV-MESH strictly uses lead-free process for production and testing, and meets RoHS and Reach standards.


Performance parameters of uart rf module SV-MESH series

Working Condition
Voltage range3.35.06.5V@100mW
91230V@5W port
Current Consumption
Sleep current < 5 uA@100mW、500mW、2W
 < 5 mA@3W、5W
Rx current 25 mA@TTL Level
 34 mA@RS485 Level
 33 mA@RS232 Level
 26 mA@USB Level
Tx current < 95 mA@100 mW
 < 350 mA@500 mW
 < 900 mA@2W
 < 600 mA@3W
 < 1.8 A@5W
RF Parameters
Frequency range           414.92433.92453.92MHz@433 MHz
470.92470.92509.92MHz@470 MHz
849.92868.92888.92MHz@868 MHz
895.92914.92934.92MHz@915 MHz
Output power-1+20+20dBm100 mW
+20+27+27dBm500 mW
+13+33+33dBm2 W
+15+35+35dBm3 W
+30+37+37dBm5 W
Data rate1.29.6115.2KbpsGFSK
Rx Sensitivity -121 dBm@1.2Kbps


Function of uart rf module SV-MESH series

The uart rf module SV-MESH series adopts transparent transmission mechanism without any additional protocol, and the whole RF data transmission process is encrypted to ensure the security of the data transmission process. Under the condition of normal communication, the data that the receiver will output should be exactly the same as that of the transmitter. This module has two working modes, one is node, the other is relay. When the module is in node module, the module will output the received data. When the module is in relaymode, the module will forward the received output. Because the nodes in relaymode will forward the signal, the communication distance of the system can beextended. Users can set the working mode of nodes according to their actual needs.

The user can switch the module to parameter configuration mode by pulling down the set pin (or short to ground) of the module. In the configuration mode, users can modify various parameters of the module, such as node ID, network ID, wireless rate, serial port rate, etc. Ourcompany provides users with two ways to configure parameters: serial portsetting and PC software setting. You can choose any one.


Applications of uart rf module SV-MESH series

  • Robot control
  • Remote control telemetry
  • Industrial data acquisition
  • Wireless data communication
  • Access control system
  • Remote meter reading
  • Security system
  • Home automation


The above is a brief introduction of uart rf module SV mesh series, I hope it can help you.

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