A Brief Introduction For LoRaWAN

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

With the development of communication technology, data transmission will be moreintensive. The volume of data exchange will become more and more huge. Inaddition, users have higher requirements for the security of data transmissionand the battery life of nodes. LoRaWAN is one of the technologies that meet these requirements. This paper introduces some features and advantages of LoRaWAN.

Longcommunication distance. Thanks to the gain of spread spectrum modulation andforward error correction code, Lora achieves a communication distance of abouttwice that of cellular technology (mobile phone). Long distance "excellentgene" enables LoRaWAN to use star network topology, which has moreadvantages than mesh.

Long battery life.In the era of the Internet of things, IOT devices need to avoid frequentbattery replacement, which is more troublesome, which requires the device toachieve a long endurance. LoRaWAN has excellent performance in batteryperformance. Taking the application of water meter as an example, LoRaWAN canprovide a service life of up to ten years, which basically meets theapplication scenario of water meter.

Perfect ecology.For a standard, the most important thing is not a single device, but a completeresume of the ecological architecture. Now, with more and more manufacturersand markets participating in LoRaWAN technology, LoRaWAN network has formed avery large coverage in the world, and can also provide a very complete solutionfor users to adopt. More and more manufacturers will bring more choices tousers.

LoRaWAN iswidely used because of its advantages. Here are some typical applications:

Smartagriculture. For agriculture, low-power and low-cost sensors are urgentlyneeded. The application of sensors such as temperature and humidity, carbondioxide, salinity and alkalinity is of great significance for improvingagricultural output and reducing the consumption of water resources. However,these data indicators will not change significantly in a short period of time,and the amount of data is small and the demand for real-time is not high.Therefore, LoRaWAN is the best choice.

Smart building.For the reconstruction of buildings, temperature and humidity, safety, harmfulgas, water flow monitoring and other sensors are added and the monitoringinformation is uploaded regularly, which facilitates the supervision ofmanagers and users. Generally speaking, the communication of these sensors doesnot need to be particularly frequent or ensure a particularly good quality ofservice. At the same time, the portable home gateway can meet the needs, so LoRaWANin this scenario is a more appropriate choice.

Automatedmanufacturing. In the automatic industrial production environment, a largenumber of intelligent technologies are applied, and various information dataare converged in the network. Therefore, the characteristics of the selectednetwork are directly related to the implementation quality of the productionplan. Some scenarios need frequent communication and good quality of service(QoS), and NB-IOT is a more appropriate choice; while some scenarios needlow-cost sensors equipped with low-power and long-life batteries to trackequipment and monitor status, LoRaWAN is a reasonable choice.

The above aresome typical application scenarios of LoRaWAN. More application scenarios needto be explored by users.

The above is abrief introduction to LoRaWAN. I hope it can help you.

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