How does the wireless module increase the transmitter power

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What is the "transmitter power" of the wireless module?

The transmitter power is an important technical indicator for testing the wireless module. The official concept is the energy of the electromagnetic wave, and the unit is W, dBm. The higher the transmission power, the farther the transmission distance is, and the greater the power consumption. Just as we speak, the bigger the voice, the louder the voice can be heard by the farther people, and the more energy is consumed. On the contrary, the smaller the voice, the closer the person who can hear the sound, and the less energy we consume.


Why does the wireless module increase the transmitter power?

It is nothing more than the transmission distance does not reach the expected goal. At this time, we do not have to solve this problem by increasing the transmitter power. The simplest and most effective way is to match an antenna with better gain effect. A good gain antenna can help the wireless module to transmit very far.


How does the wireless module increase the transmitter power?

1. Register sets a large power value

The most direct and effective way is to re-set a larger power value in the register to increase the transmit power of the wireless module to achieve our goal.


2. Additional power amplifier parts

When the transmitter power does not meet your own requirements, the addition of power amplifier components is generally our easiest way.


NiceRF recommend a high-power wireless module SV6500:

It is a high-power ultra-long-distance wireless transceiver module uses the high-performance Silicon Lab Si4432 radio frequency chip.

  • Maximum output power: 5W
  • Sensitivity: -121 dBm
  • Working frequency: 433/470MHz optional
  • Antenna automatic matching and two-way switch control
  • Built-in hardware anti-crash self-reset circuit to resist strong external interference signals
  • The open transmission distance can reach 8000 meters @1.2K rate
  • Built-in software watchdog
  • Working temperature: -40~+85℃
  • TTL/RS232/RS485 level interface
  • RSSI field strength signal can be monitored
  • Working voltage range: 9~30V
  • Communication channels: 40
  • 4-byte network ID
  • Diversified serial port parameter settings
  • GFSK modulation mode

High-power wireless module SV6500

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