Enable LBT function for LoRa data transmission module

By sdga:

The LBT (Listen Before Talk) function in LoRa data transmission modules is a protocol or technique used for wireless communication, aimed at reducing or avoiding channel collisions and improving communication quality and efficiency. In LBT, devices listen to the channel before transmitting data to ensure channel availability, thereby reducing the likelihood of collisions.

The LoRa Pro series modules are upgraded network wireless communication modules introduced by  G-NiceRF. In order to meet the application needs of different customers, we have designed the software of this series of modules to be multi-functional and selectable. Users can configure the module to enable the LBT function through PC software.

"In normal operating mode, pulling the SET pin of the LoRa data transmission module low (or shorting it to ground) will switch the module to parameter configuration mode. When using a USB adapter board, users only need to short the jumper on top to enter configuration mode. In this mode, the module's red and blue LED indicators will remain lit continuously, as shown in the figure below:

In configuration mode, users can configure the relevant parameters of the module using PC software. After opening the PC software, click to open the corresponding COM port (which can be found in the Device Manager). The PC will then read the parameter information of the connected module and display the corresponding model and version information in the window, while showing the message 'Device Found!' in the status bar below. If the device is unplugged or there is no response, the status bar will display 'Device Not Found!', and the product information box above will become grayed out and invalid. The PC interface after successful module connection is shown in the figure below:


BT setting parameter 0 is for disable, and 1 is for enable. As shown in the above figure, after checking the LBT option, you can enable the LBT function.


When multiple transmitters are working simultaneously, to ensure they do not interfere with each other, the module checks whether other transmitters are transmitting wireless signals in the environment before transmitting. If other transmitters are transmitting wireless signals, the module will temporarily refrain from transmitting until the other transmitters stop transmitting.


Please note: Due to limited internal data buffer (200 bytes) in the module, if the channel remains busy and data continues to be transmitted to the module via the serial port, the data may be overwritten.


The above is how to enable the LBT function of the  G-NiceRF LoRa data transmission module. In addition to LBT,  G-NiceRF offers various data transmission modules that also support data encryption, CRC checksum, and multi-level relay MESH networking. We welcome inquiries from users.

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