What Kind of Wireless Module Is Better In Application of Smart Manhole Cover?

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The loss and damage of manhole covers is extremely harmful to vehicles and pedestrians on the road, and easily causes safety accidents. To solve this problem, there is smart manhole cover management solution, which used the wireless communication technology of wireless module to realize the supervision of manhole covers and maintain the safety of roads.

Question: what kind of wireless module is better in application of smart manhole cover?

Solution overview: 

The smart manhole cover collects the manhole cover status information through the wireless module, monitors the real-time status of each manhole cover, and displays the relevant information of the manhole cover (manhole cover code, status, fault handling) on the supervision interface. When the manhole cover is displaced, damaged, collapsed and other abnormalities, there will be a trigger, and the wireless module will send out the trigger signal. After receiving the signal, the serial port of the receiving end outputs the manhole cover code.

The wireless module LoRa1262 is applied to the smart manhole cover solution

What kind of wireless module is better in application of smart manhole cover?

NiceRF ultra-low power wireless module LoRa1262 perfectly fits for this application.

LoRa1262 is designed with SX1262 chip of Semtech company, combined with high-precision crystal oscillator, ultra-low receiving current and sleep current, and the sensitivity of - 148dBm. The built-in 64KHz crystal oscillator can wake up the MCU regularly under the condition of low power consumption. The antenna switch of this module is controlled by the internal integration of the chip, which saves the resources of external MCU.


Advantages of LoRa1262 wireless module:

  1. With 0.5ppm TCXO temperature compensated crystal oscillator, LoRa 1262 wireless module ensures the working frequency of the module does not shift for a long time and adapts to the harsh industrial environment of high and low temperature.
  2. LoRa1262 has a higher air transmission rate (300Kbps), which greatly makes up for the slow speed of the traditional LoRa module (37.5Kbps).
  3. The transmission distance of LoRa1262 can reach 6000 meters, which is 20% higher than regular LoRa module with same power (5000 meters).
  4. LoRa1262 is small in size, and the module will be more flexible in practical applications.
  5. The small size and 22dBm (160mW) output power have great advantages in the application scenarios of Internet of things and battery power supply.
  6. All IO of LoRa1262 are led out for secondary development.
  7. LoRa1262-868 has passed CE certification and LoRa1262-915 has passed FCC certification. Customers can refer to existing certification when doing the whole machine certification, which will greatly save time and reduce costs.
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