How to improve the transmission distance of the wireless module

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In an ideal environment, the transmission distance of the wireless module can reach the ideal reference distance. But in the real environment, because of the interference of various factors, such as obstacles, including buildings, woods, mountains, etc., the wireless signal is weakened. So, how should the transmission distance of the wireless module be increased so that the transmission distance is close to the reference distance? Using a high gain antenna is the first choice, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Ways to increase the transmission distance of the wireless module and make the wireless transmission distance farther.

1. Use a high gain antenna

The wireless gain value has a great relationship with the wireless transmission distance. The higher the antenna gain value, the longer the wireless transmission distance. However, the value of this antenna cannot be made infinitely large. The gain value of the usual small suction cup antenna is only about 2dB, and some good outdoor large antennas are about 20dB.

high gain antenna

The NiceRF wireless wireless module is equipped with a small suction cup antenna with a gain value of 2dB, and the open distance wireless transmission is 2700 meters. If an antenna with a high gain of 20dB is used, the wireless transmission distance of the wireless module can reach 20 kilometers.


2. Obstacle removal

The wireless module performs wireless communication, which is realized by the linear transmission of wireless electromagnetic waves in the air, which is similar to the effect of light transmission. Therefore, the obstruction of obstacles has a huge impact on the wireless transmission of the wireless module. In particular, the obstacles of metal objects not only block the wireless transmission signal, but also absorb the electromagnetic power: weak current leaks out. Therefore, the biggest enemy of wireless signals affecting the wireless transmission distance in the use environment is metal obstacles, including building walls, mountains, woods and other objects that hinder the straight propagation of light.

If there are many obstacles in the opposite direction of transmitting and receiving, there is almost no possibility of wireless transmission of the signal. Even if it can penetrate, the signal is very weak. Therefore, adjust the position of the transmitting and receiving antennas of the wireless module, such as offset and height, so that the distance of wireless transmission can be longer.

To achieve the ideal wireless transmission effect of the wireless module, the antenna placement point must be selected. The placement point can be higher. Place both sides at a high place as much as possible, or radiate downward at a higher place while reducing obstacles to minimize the blind area of  the signal and achieve a longer wireless transmission distance; the wireless module is connected to the antenna Placed on the same horizontal plane, the sensing surface for such signal transmission and reception is the largest, and the transmission distance is farther.


The above is the method to increase the transmission distance of the wireless module. It is recommended to use a high gain antenna to achieve the ideal transmission distance. If you have any questions about improving the transmission distance of the wireless module, you can consult our customer service of NiceRF, and we will try our best to solve the problem for you.

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