Wireless module can not communicate properly frequently asked questions and solution

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

When some customers use our wireless module, they may not have much experience in wireless applications, so they often encounter some problems: Why can't the communication between the modules be normal, and how is the communication distance so short? To facilitate the user to solve the problem smoothly when using the samples Some problems, this article will list some common problems and solutions when using modules.


Problem 1: Cannot communicate between two wireless modules.

Solution: When this kind of problem occurs, first check the interface, whether the power supply is connected incorrectly, and whether the data line is connected properly, you can analyze it by the status of the indicator light. The red light is on when the wireless module is transmitting, and the green light is on when receiving. When the transmitter module does not light up when the red light is transmitting, it means that the data has not been sent. Generally, the power and data interface is not connected properly; if the green light of the receiving module is not on, check the power and data lines as well.

Secondly, check whether the frequency, channel, NET ID, and air rate of each module are set consistently, which can be checked through the PC configuration software. Finally, if the above steps still do not solve the problem, replace the transmitter module or receiver module to see if the module is damaged. However, the possibility of damage to the general wireless module is very small, and the product will go through multiple inspections before leaving the factory.


Problem 2: The communication distance is short, and the communication is good and sometimes bad.

Solution: First, check whether the module is shielded by metal objects, observe whether there is co-frequency interference in the surrounding environment, whether the antenna type is not matched or installed incorrectly, to ensure good communication, the antenna should be erected in a high and open position.

Secondly, check whether the power supply is good and whether the ripple factor of the power supply is small. Wireless communication products have relatively high power requirements and require smaller ripples. Many users have too much confidence in their power supply, and a large proportion of users have abnormal communication rates due to power problems.

Finally, it is recommended that the user try to reduce the air baud rate as far as possible under the condition of the permission. Too high air baud rate will affect the distance of communication transmission.


Problem 3: There is an error in the received data in the communication.

Solution: First, check whether the module-level interface is consistent with the connected device. Second, check whether the module serial port parameter setting matches the connected device? Finally, check whether the module data interface is bad.

The above are the problems that many users often encounter when using wireless data transmission modules. Siwei Wireless has listed the methods to solve the problems. I hope this article can help users who encounter such problems.


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