Selecting a Spring Antenna

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A spring antenna, which commonly referred to as a helical antenna, is a low-cost, prevalent antenna type used in various electronic devices. These antennas come in different materials and frequencies, catering to a wide range of applications. Some common types of spring antennas include:

  • Gold-plated spring antenna
  • Copper spring antenna
  • Nickel-plated spring antenna

They can also be categorized by their frequency, such as:

  • 315MHz spring antenna
  • 433MHz spring antenna
  • 470/490MHz spring antenna
  • 868MHz spring antenna
  • 915MHz spring antenna
  • 4G copper spring antenna

In practical applications, it has been observed that many customers are unsure about selecting and using the right spring antenna. A common practice is purchasing a few samples, soldering them directly onto their products, and immediately using them without adequate testing or consideration. This can lead to suboptimal performance and potential issues in the end product. Therefore, a more informed decision-making process is advised when integrating these antennas.

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How to Choose a Spring Antenna?

For instance, you might need a 433MHz spring antenna for your product. However, a spring antenna labeled as 433MHz purchased from the market might not necessarily resonate exactly at 433MHz when soldered onto your product. Its actual frequency could range anywhere from 370 to 500MHz. Without testing it after soldering, you're left unaware of your product's actual receiving frequency. Many people notice a discrepancy between the labeled frequency of the purchased antenna and the actual frequency required by their product, which, in fact, is a typical phenomenon.

The characteristics of spring antennas (often referred to as helical antennas) dictate that they may exhibit entirely different performance and frequencies under varying conditions. When choosing a spring antenna, clients should consider the specific project requirements, including the desired antenna size, length, gain, impedance, material, frequency, and standing wave ratio (SWR) among other parameters. Hence, many customers will analyze and test the antenna after soldering before placing a bulk order. If you don't have the necessary testing equipment, it's advisable to purchase spring antennas that come with product certifications or from manufacturers with proven testing and production capabilities.

NiceRF is a professional company specializing in the production and research of various wireless communication modules and antennas. We offer enterprises tuning and customizing services for a wide range of spring antennas. With fast tuning services, direct sales from the factory, good quality control, we are the ideal choice for clients looking for bulk custom spring antenna orders.

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Before leaving the factory, the spring antennas undergo strict verification using a network analyzer in a simulated wireless data transmission system environment.sping antenna3

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