Difference Between Bluetooth Module and Beacon Module

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NiceRF: Difference Between Bluetooth module and Beacon module

Bluetooth module: 

The Bluetooth module is a PCBA board with integrated Bluetooth function, which is used for short-distance wireless communication. According to the function, it is divided into Bluetooth data module and Bluetooth voice module. The Bluetooth module refers to a set of basic circuits of chips integrated with Bluetooth function, which is used for wireless network communication. It can be roughly divided into three types: data transmission module, Bluetooth audio module, Bluetooth audio + data two-in-one module and so on. Generally, modules have the properties of semi-finished products, which are processed on the basis of chips to make subsequent applications simpler.

Our Bluetooth module is a Bluetooth data module, such as:

BLE 5.2: BLE5201

BLE 5.1: BLE5101

BLE4.0: RF2541、RF2541-PL2

Bluetooth module


Beacon module: 

Beacon is a broadcast protocol based on the Bluetooth low energy protocol. The way it works is that a device equipped with BLE communication uses BLE technology to send its own unique ID around, and the application software that receives the ID will take some action based on that ID.

Beacon module Beacon600

Take our company's Beacon module Beacon600 as an example:

Compatible with Bluetooth. This module integrates the MCU and process the SPI protocol. It provides generic UART interface, users can connect the module with smart phone with BLE. This module has the same structure of BLE, and works as Broadcast mode of Bluetooth. It is easier and cost-effective compare with Bluetooth.

1. Beacon module adopts Ble protocol, which can communicate with BLE module and smart mobile phone,

2. Can communicate with Android and Apple mobile phones.

3. Broadcast communication can be peer to pear, many-to-many, and there is no limit on the number.

4. Uart interface with MCU on board, transparent transmission. no need to debug and firmwaer writing.


Difference Between Bluetooth Module and Beacon module

Take our Bluetooth modules BLE5101, BLE5201 and Beacon modules Beacon600, Beacon128 as examples:

 Bluetooth moduleBeacon module
PictureBluetooth module BLE5201Bluetooth module BLE5101Beacon module Beacon600Beacon module Beacon128
ProtocolBLE 5.2BLE 5.1Adopt Bluetooth protocolAdopt Bluetooth protocol
Transfer rate in the air1Mbps1Mbps1Mbps1Mbps
Operating frequency band2.4GHz2.4GHz2.4GHz2.4GHz
Working voltage1.8~4.3V1.71~4.3V2.8~6.5V2.3~3.6V
Operating temperature range-40~85℃-40~85℃-40~85℃-40~85℃
Tx current7.5mA7.4mA19mA12mA
Rx current8.5mA7.1mA20mA12mA
Sleep current5uA7.5uA11uA20uA
Tx power0~6dBm-16~10dBm-18~+3dBm-18~+4dBm
Support automatic broadcast, scanYesYesYesYes
Low power consumptionYesYesYesYes
Transmission distance150m(6dBm、Coded PHY)150m(10dBm、1Mbps)70m70m
Size (L*W*Thickness)14.5*10.82 *2.4mm14.5*10.82 *2.4mm30*16.70 *2.24mm22.60*12.87 *2.6mm
ApplicationWireless meter reading wireless sensor, Smart wearable device, Smart Home, Smart robot, Industrial remote control, telemetry, Wireless sensing, Smart buildings, smart buildings, Electronic tags, Automated data collection, Intelligent control, Health sensorWireless remote sensing, Wireless health sports products, Alarm security system, Commodity information push, Wireless ranging system
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