LoRa1262 is a sx1262 LoRa module with ultra-low power consumption launched by NiceRF

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LoRa Module LoRa1262 introduction

LoRa1262 is a LoRa module with ultra-low power consumption launched by NiceRF. It is designed with SX1262 chip of Semtech company. It has ultra-low receiving current and sleep current and ultra-high sensitivity of - 148dBm. As a popular product, what kind of application that LoRa module LoRa1262 fit?



What are the application fields of LoRa module LoRa1262?

Firstly, the common application like parking lot sensor management, LoRa1262 module can be applied to provide help for the construction of smart urbanization.

The second example is industrial automation. This module is used to help production enterprises realize automatic operation; It can also be used in warehouse and logistics management to know the state of commodities and goods clearly.

Thirdly, it can also be used as a security product. For example, under the security system, when criminals break in and steal, they can be reminded at the first time.

The fourth application of LoRa Module LoRa1262 from NiceRF is street lamps. With ultra-high sensitivity - 148dbm, LoRa1262 module can transmit a long distance compared with traditional street lamp laying, reduce laying cost and improve anti-interference.

Moreover, LoRa1262 LoRa module can also be used in agricultural sensors, environmental sensors, health products, remote control and other fields.


That’s all about the application fields of NiceRF LoRa module LoRa1262.

What else do you know about the application field of LoRa1262 LoRa module? Welcome to discuss with us.

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