How to choose a wireless data transmission module

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There are many types of wireless data transmission modules on the market, good and bad, we can often see the promotion of wireless data transmission modules, and many people call to inquire how to choose wireless data transmission module? For these questions, this article will analyze one by one. 


Some wireless data transmission modules are also called wireless data transmission stations. Usually, wireless data transmission equipment with small power and small size is regarded as a module, and wireless data transmission equipment with high transmission power, 5W~25W, or even higher power is called a radio station. 


The choice of wireless data transmission module should be based on the demand, and the wireless data transmission module needs to be used, indicating that the wiring is inconvenient, then the transmission distance of the wireless data transmission module must be considered. Many wireless data transmission module manufacturers in the market tell us how far their wireless data transmission module can transmit, but the actual use distance is only two-thirds of the distance advertised by the manufacturer, or shorter. So, are wireless module manufacturers fooling us?

  1. In fact, it is not the manufacturer that fooled us. We can see the product specification provided by the manufacturer, which details the power and transmission distance of the wireless module. Generally speaking, the transmission distance is a straight line distance, that is, there is a straight line distance between two wireless modules, and there is no obstacle between the two points. Then more than 80% of the user's products cannot do this. Any kind of wireless data transmission station on the market is not very strong in avoiding obstacles. It is more shielded for reinforced concrete. Therefore, using wireless modules in such an environment will greatly reduce the transmission distance. This is the shortening of the wireless module distance. one of the reasons.
  2. When the wireless module manufacturer tests the module, the use environment is relatively pure, generally there is no battery interference signal, but the user's product use environment is not so pure, there is external interference, which causes the error rate of the data transmission project to increase, and the system works When the data frame is wrong, the check is not normal, so naturally it will not be executed. In our opinion, the communication distance is shortened.
  3. When the wireless data transmission module manufacturer is testing, the erection height of the antenna is very high. We all know that the height of the antenna has a great influence on the communication transmission distance. For users, the antenna can be erected a little bit higher, but it is necessary to pay attention to measures such as lightning protection. In addition, the loss caused by the increase in the distance between the wireless transmitter and itself must also be considered.
  4. The rate of most modules can be adjusted. The communication distance under different rates is different. The higher the rate, the wider the bandwidth and the lower the transmission rate, so try to choose a lower rate. Therefore, the communication distance is relatively speaking, and many manufacturers test the distance using the lowest speed, so everyone knows it well.
  5. The problem of wireless module power consumption. Some users use battery-powered wireless modules. As the battery voltage drops, the distance will also be affected. If the power supply is used, the power supply will not be suppressed, the current is not large enough, and the distance will be affected when used. Warm reminder: If you choose a power supply, it is better to increase the electrolytic capacitor capacity at both ends of the voltage stabilizing circuit as much as possible.
  6. When choosing a wireless data transmission module, pay attention to what type of interface to choose. Wireless data transmission modules on the market generally have two interfaces, one is serial interface, and the other is parallel interface. Needless to say, there are two kinds of serial interfaces: one is SPI interface; the other is standard asynchronous serial interface. Then the interface of the wireless data transmission module chooses the serial interface or the parallel interface? This needs to be determined according to your own needs.


The above are some of the characteristics of the wireless data transmission module. How to choose the wireless data transmission module. I believe that everyone basically understands how to choose based on the above comparison. Starting from the needs, it depends on the actual situation to determine the use distance, power consumption, interface and development. Cycle etc.

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