Tips for cleaning and maintenance of LoRa module

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The LoRa module transmits data wirelessly, which is more convenient for maintenance than wired communication. The module will go through multiple processes in the production process. The shielding cover of the module will have dust and debris, and there will be residues such as rosin in the welding part. Then, how to clean the LoRa module to keep the appearance clean and beautiful, how to maintain it? Extend the service life of the module so that it can maintain good working conditions?

LoRa module LoRa128XF27

How to clean the LoRa module?

The shielding cover of the LoRa module is stained with dust, or after the antenna SMA head is soldered on the PCB board of the module, some flux and rosin residues remain on the surface. It can be cleaned by using board washing water (common name of circuit board cleaner). The module becomes clean.

1. Prepare special masks, rubber gloves, plate washer water, cotton swabs and other items, and wear masks and rubber gloves to take protective measures. (The washing water is easy to evaporate, has a pungent odor, and is corrosive to the skin in direct contact, so protective measures must be taken).

2. Use a cotton swab or paper towel to squeeze the bottle containing the plate washer water, and wipe the rosin and other residues on the welding place with the cotton swab dipped in the appropriate amount of plate washer water. The shielding cover can be cleaned with a paper towel dipped in the appropriate amount of plate washer water.

3. Put the clean LoRa module in the designated box, and finally put it in the blister box for neat storage.


Maintenance skills

1. In order to maintain the best working condition of the module radio, it should be avoided to use in the environment of high temperature, humidity and strong electromagnetic field.

2. Don't keep the LoRa module radio in the working state of transmitting continuously, which may burn the transmitter. Don't plug or unplug the serial port with points, which may burn out the communication interface.

3. The DC stabilized power supply should be used to protect against lightning, over-current and over-voltage.

The above is the cleaning and maintenance skills of the LoRa module radio. Pay special attention to the points mentioned above in use, so as to ensure that the module is in the best working condition and prolong the service life of the module.

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