How to use the demo board of 2.4 GHz module to modify parameters

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The 2.4 GHz module RF2401F20 is equipped with a standard DEMO demo board for users to debug programs, debugging distance, etc., which greatly shortens the product development cycle of software engineers. Different modules are equipped with different DEMO function demonstration boards. In order to enable customers to use our products faster, this article will focus on the steps of modifying the parameters of the 2.4 GHz module RF2401F20 DEMO board.

2.4 GHz module RF2401F20 DEMO board

First, the 2.4 GHz module RF2401F20 DEMO board purchased from our official store has one RF2401F20 wireless module and one red antenna soldered on the DEMO board. It is recommended to buy two DEMO boards for convenient pair use. In addition, you need to prepare another 8 AA batteries. A DEMO board needs 4 AA batteries to supply power. Install the batteries according to the positive and negative poles. Or it can be replaced with a DC 5V power supply. The battery is recommended here.

DEMO board

Second, power on one of the DEMO boards and turn the power switch to ON. At this time, you can see that the LED display has a digital display, and the Power indicator is always on.

RF2401F20 DEMO board

Third, press the SET key to enter the setting mode. If the last parameter is set, the key will exit the setting mode. In the setting mode, the UP/Down keys can modify the corresponding setting parameters.

For example, when setting the sending and receiving frequency to 2435MHz, press the SET button. The first number 2 of the sending and receiving frequency is fixed and no setting is required. The second number 4 will flash. Press the SET button again, and the third number will flash at this time. Press the UP/Down button to set the required parameters until the third digit is 3, then press the SET button again, and see the fourth digit flashing, then press the UP/Down button to modify the fourth The number is 5. This completes the modification of the transceiver frequency parameters. The modification of parameters such as transmit power and transmit/receive rate is the same as the method mentioned above. To modify which parameter you want to modify, use the SET button to set that parameter, and then use the up and down buttons to adjust the number.

The LCD Full Segment

Fourth, power on the other DEMO board and set the value of each parameter to be the same as that of the first DEMO board. When the set parameters are the same, the two DEMO boards can communicate with each other.

The above is the process of modifying the parameters of the 2.4 GHz module DEMO board. With this demo board, you can set the wireless module's frequency, speed, power, radio frequency and other parameters, and you can also test the 2.4 GHz module's communication distance, sleep current, working current, etc. Parameters: The DEMO board is very convenient and practical. You can modify the relevant parameters according to the above steps. If you have any questions you don't understand, welcome customers come to consult us @

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