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LoRa module has been widely used in home security alarm, smart home and industrial sensors, wireless alarm security systems, building automation solutions, wireless industrial remote control, healthcare products, advanced meter reading architecture (AMI) and other scenarios. However, some people still encounter many problems in the use of the LoRa module. Today, NiceRF will share with you the FAQs for the LoRa module.


1. LoRa module transmission distance is short

①The ground will absorb and reflect radio waves, so the test effect is poor near the ground.

②If it is not line of sight, the communication distance will be attenuated accordingly.

③If there is metal objects near the antenna or the antenna is placed in a metal shell, the signal attenuation of the antenna will be very serious.

④Sea water has a strong ability to absorb radio waves, so the test effect at the seaside is poor.

⑤ Temperature, humidity, and Co-channel interference will increase the communication packet loss rate.

⑥ The low voltage of the power supply is lower than the recommended value, the lower the voltage, the smaller the transmitting power.

⑦ The higher the air rate, the shorter the distance.

⑧The antenna used is poorly matched with the module ,or the antenna itself has quality problems.


2. LoRa module is easily damaged

①Please check the power supply to ensure not exceeding the maximum value, or it will cause permanent damage to the module.

②Please check the stability of the power supply, and the voltage cannot fluctuate sharply frequently.

③Please ensure that the installation process is anti -static electricity operation.

④ Please ensure that the humidity should not be too high during installation  

⑤If there are no special needs, it is not recommended to use under too high or too low temperature.


3. The bit error rate of LoRa module is too high

①There is interference from the same frequency signal nearby, stay away from the interference source or modify the frequency, and the channel to avoid interference.

②Improper power supply may also cause garbled code, which must ensure the reliability of the power supply.

③Poor quality or too long extension cable or feeder line may also cause high symbol error rate.

④The communication distance exceeds the limit of the current parameter and the RF rate needs to be adjusted downward.


4. LoRa module cannot transmit signal or communication fails

① Check whether there is any problems with the hardware wiring of the module.  

② Check whether the SPI can read out the register value, if yes, the wiring is correct, otherwise it is wrong.

③ Check whether the power supply voltage reaches the working voltage(which can be determined by reducing power).


5. The same program can work normally on the LoRa modules of other manufacturers. Why can't work properly with our modules?

The antennas ,crystals, schematic circuit and interface  of the LoRa modules are different from manufacturers, so the driven program may be different.


6. Can our LoRa module communicate with other manufacturers’ modules?

The frequency value output from our lora modules are different from other manufactures  when use same RF parameters , it is possible that they can’t communicate with each other. (The actual frequency value can be test with the spectrum)


7. How to modify the RF rate/frequency of LoRa module?

For front-end module, users can send SPI command to read and write the registers to get the right RF rate and frequency value.

For our wireless Uart modules, users can use our special PC software or instruction to get the right RF rate and frequency value.


8. PC software cannot work

① Whether both the red and blue LEDs of the LoRa modules light on , if not, pull down the SET pin and pull high CS pin.

② Whether the firmware version of the Lora modules can be read out by serial assistant returns (AAFAAA in hexadecimal). If not, check that the wiring connection has no problem, the ground between the device and LoRa modules are connected. The interface level are matched, for example, the LoRa modules must be RS485 if the external devices  are RS485 interface.

③ Check if the PC software is for the tested LoRa modules.


9. Steps when LoRa module cannot communicate with the device

Step 1: Do not connect LoRa Module with the device. Using USB bridge, check if the LoRa module can work normally when connected with computer.

Step 2: Connected with the device, check if both red and blue LEDs flash when powered on. If not, check the wiring connection; Especially ground connection for RS485 interface.

Step 3: Check whether the serial parameters and modules are matched.


The above is the summary and sharing of common problems and solutions for LoRa modules. I hope to help you.

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