3KM Transmission Distance | Low Latency | 48K Sampling Audio Transmission Module - SA356 High Power Transmission Module

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In wireless audio applications, long-distance audio transmission is widely needed in many fields, such as large conference systems, public broadcasting, outdoor events, and music performances. To meet these demands, 

audio transmission modules must have several key features, including long-distance transmission capability, high sound quality, low latency, stability, and anti-interference ability. In order to solve the problem of ultra-long-distance audio transmission, NiceRF has launched a high-power transceiver module solution for audio transmission.


For the SA326 series module, SA356-TX is a 5W transmission module, which can be paired with the SA326-RX receiver module. The SA356-TX is an amplified 5W version of the SA316-TX application board. It starts working as soon as it is powered on, and users can directly set the module's frequency, volume, and other parameters using PC software, significantly simplifying the development process. This product is widely used in scenarios requiring high audio quality.


Advantages of Audio Transceiver Module

1.Long-Distance Transmission: transmitting range 3000 meters in open area

Transmission distance is a crucial parameter for long-distance audio transmission. The SA356 module, equipped with a 5W transmission power, can achieve a transmission distance of 3000 meters in open, unobstructed environments. This makes it highly suitable for applications requiring wide coverage, such as large outdoor events and public square broadcasting.

2.Sound Quality Requirements: signal-to-noise ratio is 96 dB , the frequency response range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

High-fidelity audio transmission is essential for long-distance audio applications. The SA356 module has a high signal-to-noise ratio 96 dB, which can significantly reduce noise during transmission and ensuring purity of the audio signal. Additionally, its frequency response range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz covers the entire audible spectrum, from low bass to high treble, ensuring comprehensive transmission fidelity. This is particularly crucial for scenarios such as music performances and conference speeches that require high-quality audio, delivering an exceptional auditory experience.

3. Low Latency: Latency is less than 3ms

In real-time audio applications, latency is a critical factor, whether for live performances or video conferences where audio-video synchronization is crucial. The SA356 module maintains latency from microphone input to audio output within 3 milliseconds, almost negligible. This ensures perfect synchronization between sound and visuals, enhancing user experience and making it highly suitable for real-time applications.

4. Stability and Anti-Interference Capability: The module utilizes digital modulation scheme pi/4 DQPSK, occupying a bandwidth of less than 300 KHz.

In long-distance audio transmission, the stability of the signal and its resistance to interference directly impact audio quality. The SA356 module utilizes pi/4 DQPSK digital modulation, known for its strong anti-interference capabilities and transmission stability. Additionally, it occupies a bandwidth of less than 300 KHz, greatly enhancing spectral efficiency and reducing the likelihood of interference. This allows the SA356 module to maintain stable audio transmission even in complex wireless environments.

5.Transmission Rate and Sampling RateTransmission Rate 204.8 Ksps, Sampling Rate 48 KHz

To achieve high-quality audio transmission, transmission rate and sampling rate are crucial parameters to be considered. The SA356's 204.8 Ksps transmission rate and 48KHz sampling rate ensure high fidelity and clarity of audio signals during transmission. A high sampling rate captures more sound details, providing a richer and more realistic audio experience, meeting the requirements for professional audio transmission.

SA356 Module Features

UHF frequency band500 MHz

The transmission distance is 3000 meters in the open area

Audio signal to noise ratio: 96 dB

Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 KHz

The delay from microphone input to audio output is less than 3ms

Digital modulation method: pi/4 DQPSK

Occupied bandwidth: <300 KHz

Transmission rate: 8 Ksps

Sampling rate: 48 KHz

Electrical Characteristics图片.png

Mechanical size (unitmm)

In summary, the SA356 audio module is very suitable for long-distance audio transmission in terms of transmission distance and sound quality. It is suitable for wireless microphones, large-scale outdoor activities, public broadcasting and other systems

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