What is the purpose of the wireless walkie talkie module

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The wireless walkie talkie module is an important core part of the walkie-talkie. So what is the purpose of the walkie-talkie module and what solutions are it commonly used in? According to the application solutions of the intercom series modules that Siwei Wireless has done for customers, the following will give you a detailed introduction.


What is the purpose of the wireless walkie talkie module

The wireless walkie talkie module is used to be embedded in various handheld devices, such as walkie-talkies. Users can also connect audio amplifiers, microphones, and speakers to the walkie talkie module to work as a small walkie-talkie. In addition, the walkie talkie module is also used in fields such as ignoring intercom systems, building community security systems, outdoor sports products, and audio monitoring systems.

Analog&DMR Digital walkie talkie module


What schemes are commonly used in wireless walkie talkie modules

Wireless walkie-talkie modules are widely used. They are often used in wireless helmet solutions, solutions embedded in drones to achieve disaster prevention and alarm functions, outdoor mobile phone wireless calls + intercom solutions, and remote switch control of DTMF decoding walkie-talkies. For details, please enter the intercom series module application to view related solutions:


In summary, the application of wireless walkie talkie modules is very extensive, and walkie talkie modules are used in many intercom series solutions. If you need to order wireless walkie talkie modules in batches, you can contact NiceRF Wireless Customer Service to get the most favorable factory direct prices.

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