The difference between analog and DMR walkie talkie module

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The development of the walkie-talkie industry from analog to digital has made the digital walkie-talkie market promising. As the most important electronic component of walkie-talkie intercom function-analog/digital walkie-talkie module, its industry development trend cannot be underestimated. What is the difference between analog walkie talkie module and DMR walkie talkie module? Below, this article briefly introduces the difference between the two module.


Analog walkie talkie module

Analog walkie talkie module SA818

Take the NiceRF wireless analog walkie talkie module SA818 as an example. The module has a built-in high-speed microcontroller, high-performance RF transceiver chip and RF power amplifier, and provides a standard serial port for communication with the module, so that the relevant parameters of the module and the transceiver function can be set quickly and easily. Take control. External audio amplifier, microphone, speaker on this module can work as a small walkie-talkie.


Dmr walkie talkie module

Dmr walkie talkie module DMR818

Take NiceRF Wireless DMR818 digital walkie talkie module as an example. The module has a built-in microcontroller, digital walkie-talkie chip and RF power amplifier circuit. This module is not only compatible with common analog radios on the market, but also has the function of digital radios. The module provides a standardized serial interface, which can easily and quickly set the module's sending and receiving frequency and contact parameters through the serial port commands. Connect audio power amplifier, microphone, speaker, etc. to this module to work as a small digital walkie-talkie.

The digital walkie talkie module supports the following functions

  1. Send confirmation/non-confirmation SMS communication with preset SMS function.
  2. Voice encryption function, SMS encryption function.
  3. Support full call, group call and individual call function.
  4. There are call prompts, support caller and callee detection.
  5. Comes with emergency alarm function and remote monitoring function.
  6. Support remote kill/activation function.
  7. Support direct, relay voice and SMS applications.

In addition, it also supports the CTCSS/CDCSS sub-audio setting function and the squelch level setting function of the analog walkie talkie module.

The difference between the two module:

The difference between analog walkie talkie module SA818 and DMR walkie talkie module DMR818

Compared with the analog walkie talkie module, the digital walkie talkie module has a built-in digital intercom chip, and the sound quality of the digital intercom is good, and it supports group calls and individual calls. The user can set the call function as needed.

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