Advantages of EFR32 SOC Arm cortex 4 & high sensitivity DSSS transceiver module

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

The EFR32 module is our latest low-power, high-performance SOC wireless transceiver module. It is developed based on SILICON’s EFR32FG14. It adopts advanced direct sequence spread spectrum communication modulation technology (DSSS), and higher performance 32-bit ARM®Cortex®-M4.


The EFR32 module is easy in the secondary development of the module. The traditional wireless module is that the wireless transceiver chip and the MCU are independent of each other, and the MCU needs to control the wireless transceiver chip to transmit data wirelessly through SPI/IIC and other methods. The secondary development of EFR32 directly skips this cumbersome step, and can call the wireless library function when using the wireless function, which greatly accelerates the development progress.


SOC wireless transceiver module EFR32


Advantages of SOC wireless transceiver module EFR32:

  • Built-in 0.5ppm TCXO crystal oscillator.
  • Small size and thin thickness.
  • Simple development, simility labs provides function library.
  • Long distance: 4Km@1.2Kbps or more, the highest rate: 19.2Kbps DSSS.
  • 500Kbps @(G)FSK.
  • SOC chip, built-in Cortex-arm-M4 microprocessor.
  • Development board + Demo board, convenient for product debugging and performance evaluation.
  • Provide a complete set of development services, including J-Link, reference code, software, hardware, and RF technical support.


The above is the sharing of the advantages of our SOC Arm cortex 4 & high sensitivity DSSS transceiver module EFR32. If you want to know more about the new product EFR32 module, you can go to the official website of NiceRF: to read the product specification.Welcome Customers come to consult us @ , we will provide you with the most sincere service.

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