How much do you know about LoRa1262 and 1268? A detailed selection guide to help you learn more

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LoRa1262 and LoRa1268 are ultra-low power wireless rf module designed with Semtech's SX1262 and SX1268X chips. They support both (G)FSK modulation and LoRa modulation. The LoRa modulation significantly extends communication range, making it suitable for various short-range IoT wireless communication applications. They feature small size, low power consumption, long transmission distance, and strong anti-interference capability.

Industrial crystals and supported frequency bands

SX1262 and SX1268 both utilize industrial-grade high-precision crystals. They can wake up the microcontroller on a timed basis while operating at low power. The module's antenna switch is internally integrated and controlled by the chip, saving external MCU resources. With compact size and 22dBm output power, they offer significant advantages in IoT and battery-powered applications.

SX1262 supports frequency bands in the range of 868MHz (customizable from 150MHz to 960MHz)

SX1268 supports frequency bands in the range of 433/490MHz (customizable from 410MHz to 810MHz)



Frequency Band





Center 433MHz customizable 410-810 MHz 

10ppm Industrial grade crystal oscillator




Center 490MHz

customizable 410-810 MHz

10ppm Industrial grade crystal oscillator




Center 868 MHz 

customizable 150-960 MHz

0.5ppm TCXO Temperature compensated crystal




Center 915 MHz

customizable 150-960 MHz

0.5ppm TCXO Temperature compensated crystal


According to the table above, it can be seen that LoRa1262 wireless rf module is equipped with a 0.5ppm TCXO temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, suitable for applications requiring extremely high accuracy, such as communication base stations and precision instruments. LoRa1262 has passed CE and FCC certifications for both the 868MHz and 915MHz frequency bands, meeting regulatory requirements for wireless devices in overseas markets.

SX1262 and SX1268 features

Small Size

The RF chip measures 4mm x 4mm, which is 45% smaller compared to the SX127x series ICs.

Low Receive Power Consumption

The RF receive power consumption is 4.8mA, which is more than halved compared to the SX127x series' 10mA receive current.

High Receiver Sensitivity

With a maximum sensitivity of -148dBm, it significantly enhances communication range.

High Data Rate

In LoRa mode, the maximum achievable data rate is 62.5kb/s with different spreading factors, and in GFSK mode, it supports up to 300kbps, programmable by the user. High Output Power: Capable of reaching a maximum output power of +22dBm, programmable by the user.

Selective Wake-up

Supports hardware address recognition, enabling selective wake-up functionality for the module.

Low Power Consumption

During sleep mode, the minimum power consumption is as low as 160nA.

The chart above shows the current consumption of LoRa1262/1268 wireless rf module, indicating two power management modes: LDO and DC-DC.


Under DC-DC mode, the minimum current consumption during FSK modulation with 4.8 kb/s data transmission is 4.2mA. For LoRa modulation with a 125kHz signal bandwidth and voltage of 1.8V, the receive current is 8.2mA. In Boosted mode, there is a slight variation in current for both LoRa and FSK modulation.


Similarly, under LDO mode, the minimum receive current is observed during FSK modulation, and under Boosted mode with LoRa modulation and 125kHz signal bandwidth, the receive current is 10.1mA.


It can be concluded that the key feature of LoRa1262 and LoRa1268 wireless rf module is low power consumption, with a minimum receive current of 4.2mA. They are suitable for low-power applications. Additionally, these modules can be equipped with industrial-grade temperature-compensated crystal oscillators, meeting the requirements of high-precision industrial applications.


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