Analysis of application scenarios of wireless transceiver modules in the IoT

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The wireless transceiver module mainly controls the wireless data transmission and reception through a single-chip microcomputer. The frequency bands of 433MHz, 490MHz, 868MHz, and 915MHz are common in the market, and the general modulation modes are FSK and GFSK. Wireless transceiver modules are widely used in the field of IoT. From the current development situation, the application scenarios of wireless transceiver modules in the field of IoT mainly have the following six points.


  1. Smart home

Smart home is an important field for the application of wireless transceiver modules. Various home devices such as curtain control, air-conditioning control, and security systems are automated through smart home network networking. Through the wireless network, home devices can be remotely controlled. Compared with ordinary furniture, smart home provides a comfortable home living space, realizes a smarter home security system, provides a full range of information interaction functions, and makes people's lives richer and more worry-free.

wireless transceiver module used in smart home


  1. Smart City Security

The smart city security system is a unified monitoring of the city’s safety. The distributed and independent image collection points are networked through electronic equipment equipped with wireless transceiver modules, real-time remote monitoring, transmission, storage, etc., to realize the unified management of the city’s safety. Provide a new and intuitive management tool for city management and builders.


  1. Environmental Monitoring

The environmental monitoring system is to monitor the water quality of the earth's surface water in real time, grasp the water quality status of the key sections of the main river basin, early warning and forecasting major water pollution accidents, solving water pollution accident disputes, and supervising the implementation of the total control system. For example, the West Lake Environmental Monitoring Project provides the water quality data of West Lake to the environmental protection department through various monitoring wireless modules installed in the West Lake area, real-time monitoring of the water quality of the West Lake waters, and submits the data of the monitoring points to the relevant management through the Internet. Department.

wireless transceiver module used in environmental monitoring


  1. Industry

Industry is an important field in the application of RF wireless transceiver modules in the Internet of Things. Various terminal sensors communicate data through the data collected by the wireless transceiver modules to achieve intelligent control in the production process. For example: parts processing companies use sensors and wireless modules to monitor the thickness and temperature of processed parts in real time during production, thereby greatly improving production efficiency, improving product quality, reducing production costs, and upgrading traditional industries to intelligent functions A new stage of industry.


  1. Intelligent transportation

The intelligent public transportation system monitors and manages the position and speed of the car, the image information inside and outside the car, and other vehicle parameters in real time to effectively meet the various needs of car owners for vehicle management. The wireless video monitoring system of the public transportation industry uses the wireless video monitoring and GPS positioning functions of the on-board equipment to monitor the running status of the bus in real time. The intelligent bus station exchanges data with the electronic stop board through the media release center to realize the release of bus dispatch information data And the publishing function of multimedia data.


  1. Agriculture

In the agricultural field, the temperature and humidity are collected through sensors, and the data is transmitted through the wireless module to realize remote control of the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse, and record the on-site conditions to ensure the temperature and humidity balance of the greenhouse.

Wireless transceiver modules are widely used in smart homes, smart city security, environmental monitoring, industry, smart transportation, agriculture and other fields in the field of Internet of Things. Therefore, wireless modules are generally optimistic. It is expected that the development of wireless modules will get better and better in the next few years.

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