Reasons and solutions for wireless module verification failure

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Reasons for wireless module verification failure

Wireless module often fails during the verification process. What is the reason? Most of the reasons for the verification failure are due to data loss and errors during the verification process. In short, the verification process is a process jointly completed by the receiving and sending ends, sending a data packet to the serial port, and then the sending end sends the data packet to the specified location of the receiving end, and the receiving end checks the byte at the specified location. At the same time, the received data is calculated according to the prescribed method to calculate the receiving end check byte. If the check byte at the receiving end is equal to the check byte received at the sending end, the data packet is valid, otherwise the data packet should be discarded. This is the main reason why we usually fail in the verification process.


Solutions for wireless module verification failure

The most commonly used method of wireless module check is parity check and cyclic redundancy code check twice. In the process of serial data transmission, due to the information error that may be caused by interference, the occurrence of "error code", the error we found in the transmission process is called code detection, after the error is sent, correction is called error detection. In addition to these two commonly used verification methods, there are XOR verification, sum, and so on. Among them, the parity check method is the simplest and rude, but this method has a shortcoming. It can only find errors and cannot correct them. Therefore, once an error is found, the error detection cannot be performed, and the data packet can only be resent. The cyclic redundancy code check method has a good automatic error correction function, but it is relatively more complicated than the parity check method. So when we perform wireless module verification, we still have to decide which algorithm to choose.

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