What is a wireless module

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What is the most popular and hottest nowadays? Don't ask, it must be the Internet.

So what is the IoT? Strictly speaking, the IoT is a new field derived from the Internet. The WiFi, mobile phones, doorbells, etc. that we usually use are all the IoT. The IoT is closely related to our lives and is inseparable. Do you all know how WiFi, mobile phones, and doorbells are related to each other?  


There is an important electronic component in all kinds of electronic equipment we usually use, that is a wireless module. Some people may ask, what is a wireless module? The official definition is a digital data transmission radio module product, which is a high-performance professional data transmission radio module realized with the help of DSP technology and wireless technology. In layman's terms, all of our wireless transmissions are transmitted through the specific technology of the wireless module into digital information for transmission. It cooperates with the single-chip microcomputer in the equipment to realize data communication. We can modify the related parameters of the serial port and RF through the PC software or the connected equipment.

What is a wireless module

The wireless module can be applied to a variety of different fields. It can be applied to our daily lives, such as: access control, remote control (TV remote control, car remote control, etc.), smart home, etc.; it can also be applied to very high-tech fields. Go, such as: oil field data acquisition, robot remote control, industrial automation, etc. In short, wherever there is the Internet of Things, there will be wireless modules.

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