What is the frequency hopping function of the wireless module?

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Frequency hopping is a very basic function of the wireless module, but many users do not know what the frequency hopping function is? What is the use? Today NiceRF will explain to you what is the function of frequency hopping.

Frequency hopping function of wireless module

It is inevitable that the wireless module will encounter frequency interference during work. At this time, the wireless module will continuously switch frequencies until the module avoids the interfered frequency and resumes communication at both ends of the transceiver. This is the frequency hopping function. (Special note: frequency and frequency band are different, but many people will confuse frequency and frequency band; frequency belongs to frequency band, for example: 433 frequency band, frequency is 413 ~ 453) Generally speaking, frequency hopping is a Increase the anti-interference ability of the wireless module.

There is one thing to note about the frequency hopping function. If multiple wireless modules work in the same environment, the non-stop switching frequency will be easily switched to other wireless module operating frequencies, which will cause co-frequency interference; so we When writing a program, be sure to determine the algorithm to avoid this situation. (The specific implementation method of the frequency hopping function of different wireless modules is different, so the corresponding algorithm should be set according to different wireless module chips).

The frequency hopping function can be used in conjunction with the RISS function (for details of the RISS function:, because the RSSI function can read the wireless signal strength, determine whether the channel is occupied, and frequency hopping The function needs to constantly switch the frequency, but it does not know whether the channel can be used, then the RSSI function can help the frequency hopping function to quickly find the available channel.

Now do you understand what the frequency hopping function is? If you have any questions about this, please contact NiceRF.

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