Is the squelch level 1 of the walkie talkie module the highest level?

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Customers who have used NiceRF wireless walkie-talkie modules should know that our walkie-talkie modules have 8 levels of adjustable noise. Regarding the function of the squelch level, many users have raised questions. Do is squelch level 1 of the walkie-talkie module the highest level? In response to this question, this article will answer this question.

First, understand what is the squelch function? The squelch function is to strictly filter the excessive background noise, eliminate or suppress the background noise when the signal is not received so that the speaker remains silent when the walkie-talkie does not receive the signal.

Squelch level

The maximum noise and the minimum noise are divided into some files, each file is called a level, which is represented by a number, called the squelch level.

Squelch level of walkie talkie module

In the walkie-talkie module, the squelch level of the module can be selected through the PC configuration software. SQ is the receiving squelch level, 8 levels are optional, and the default is 1. When the squelch level is 0, it is in the monitor mode, no noise is filtered, and 0 cannot be used in the sweep mode. Set the receiving squelch level to 0, which is generally used when listening to signals. The higher the number of receiving squelch levels (1~8), the higher the squelch level, the stronger the noise suppression ability, and the less interference from noise or other irrelevant information.

The noise suppression level 1 of the walkie-talkie module is not the most advanced, and the ability to suppress noise is not the strongest. The larger the number of the squelch level, the higher the squelch level. Therefore, the squelch level 8 has a stronger ability to suppress noise.

It is not that the higher the squelch level is, the better. There are certain principles for setting the squelch level. The specific decision is mainly based on the user's communication environment and communication requirements. When the user requires a long communication distance, the received signal will become weak at this time, and the receiving sensitivity is required to be higher, and the squelch level will be lower. When the user's communication distance is relatively short and the received signal is stronger, the squelch level can be set to be higher, and the noise will be smaller.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the noise suppression level of the walkie-talkie module. The noise suppression ability of the noise suppression level 1 is weaker than that of the noise suppression level 8. The larger the noise suppression level number, the greater the noise suppression ability.

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